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  1. Link to Post: here Nature of Violation: Robot Santa has completely ignored the rules that @Alex set out in the No Discussion Rule thread. The No discussion rule clearly states: Do not reply to topics in this particular subforum, unless you meet one of the following criteria: You are the topic creator You are the accused in the original topic You have specific evidence to provide regarding the report You are a Staff member Photographic archive in case it is edited in post: https://file.house/fB5Y.png The user Blutarch Mann was given a warning point and a 10 day suspension for the following listed reason: https://file.house/fEPz.png As per the No Discussion Rule, this ban is invalid and a complete farce. The rules explicitly allow the topic creator to post in their own thread. It is right there, clear as crystal. The majority of the posts in that thread were Blutarch Mann and Neko. The two parties EXPLICITLY ALLOWED by the no discussion rule to post(the accused, the topic creator). Your moderator proceeded to lock the thread and warn the topic creator for the no discussion rule being violated. https://file.house/Z0Zh.png Despite the fact the rules clearly lay out that the topic creator does not fall under no discussion rule, the topic creator was punished under the no discussion rule.
  2. Do these come in a half-white/half-black color scheme?
  3. Have you tried using imagery that doesn't need swastikas and related symbols edited out of them?
  4. I'm lucky my head is stuffed with 100% quick-thinking cotton instead of some kind of deep-learning AI. That sentence would have fried the circuits of any halfway decent text parser.
  5. Another war? I just got done rebuilding the 75 monokumas that tripped over a pile of empty pirate husks someone left lying around. Clean up your discarded pirates, people!
  6. https://politicsandwar.com/inbox/message/id=3490065 'kys' (or Kill Your Self), as well as a variant of 'retard', were totally inappropriate responses to the message I sent him, which was written in a friendly playful tone and contained nothing which would warrant such a response, and to which Rickk was perfectly free to ignore.
  7. Can't be too hard, from I remember of Greek mythology, you show up to the party unannounced, toss a golden apple to the floor, and while they are bickering to see who picks it up, you scarper off with the best wines. Speaking of which... Cheers!
  8. After a quick test it does seem the Embargo page does let you send an empty reason, which generates the message shown. One final round of testing confirms that if the embargoed nation has a block, then any reason listed by the embargoer is blanked on their end.
  9. I just tested that theory... I do know they gave a valid reason, and I had blocked them before they did the embargo. After unblocking them everything was fine. So that might explain some of it, but not why those three from my above screenshot were blank. If they had me blocked, why is the message on my end blank?
  10. I can also report noticing this, at first I thought these people just wanted to send an empty reason, but it seems to be an actual issue. (Xavier's reason showed up just fine, so I cropped it out as it was not adding anything)
  11. Monokuma

    Embargo Spam

    Oh hey, this is a helpful thread.
  12. I'm a robotic bear, this is giving me an ethical crisis.
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