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  1. I'm very disappointed that Coalition A members are now DDoS attacking the game to win the war instead of negotiating for peace like adults.
  2. So what are the terms that Coalition A have put to Coalition B for their surrender?
  3. As one of the newbie wrangles in the GOONS alliance, I believe I can provide some clarity. Since majority of our members do come from the Something Awful (SA) forums, we ask for the applicant SA account as part of our initial registration. Just because you do not have a SA account, doesn't mean that your applicant will be automatically rejected. Please put in that section that you do not have an SA account and our bot will move onto the next question.
  4. You received the following error trying to add a new embargo: You can't embargo your alliance. 😔
  5. Sir Scarfalot I believe that you're merging Something Awful with 4chan. Something Awful has no affiliation with 4chan and vice versa. I can honestly say that Something Awful does not condone the behaviour that come out of 4chan.
  6. Is this an open discussion? I'll happily take the warning if not. Regarding the "spam of reports", the forums here function in lieu for a report function in game. We have the unique position to view these reports as users, which would usually be closed off to the Moderation team. So I applaud Alex for allowing such an open process of reports and encourage people to use this function if they feel that a rule has been violated.
  7. True, I can be replaced in this game on PnW forums and not be noticed but, that's ok since I don't stride to have a label here. Can you say the same to yourself? You've reinstated an old account for reasons I'm unsure. It looks like you rely on that label of yours more than you think.
  8. I did have my hopes up that you'd left to better yourself, but now I see that you've fallen on old habits.
  9. Wait, I leave for work with Noctis abandoning his forum account, then I come back and he's back on posting as per normal. Man that was such a flip flop. You should join the circus.
  10. I await the day that you come out as gay Noctis. I'll be so proud.
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