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  1. Welp, Kastor finally called my bluff Best of luck to Lord A-Aron going forward, I certainly enjoyed our time together and look forward to seeing you all around Orbis
  2. Kyte

    Congrats NPO

    And this Orbis, is how you go from "Worst Alliance Leader of the Year" to "Best Alliance Leader of the Year" in a mere 6 months.
  3. Thanks for the feedback everyone, didn't realize this had seen an iteration on the test server. Callum, if you're only on for 3 hours a day you could still buy a full day's worth (buy points stack up to 24 hours worth in this scenario).
  4. What if instead of being able to buy N percentage of your military, you could only buy N/12 per turn? A maximum of 1 day's worth of military buys could be stored, and after that your buy rate is reset and accrues every turn. This would prevent double buys, reduce load on the game server, and nerf the double-buy advantage of US based players.
  5. Don't forget the best part, after the fact call it a "Successful life-fire training exercise" for the propaganda value
  6. Dat theming bonus. Congrats!
  7. TL;DR: Build a national project to launch 1 nuke per enemy city, regardless of current MAPs. 12 MAPs to launch a single nuke that might get intercepted. It just doesn't seem worth it with today's mechanics. Proposal: Create a national project called the Nuclear Triad which allows you to launch a wave of nuclear missiles, one for each opponent city. Nukes are a joke, no one is going to store up the MAPs to use just one nuke when the enemy is pounding you with ground, sea, and air strikes. This project/mechanic would not only make nukes viable again as both an offensive strategy, but also as a deterrent. This project is also already balanced in that the initial cost for nukes, as well as upkeep costs are relatively high. The function for the number of nukes to retain is f(x) = (opponent_max_cities + 3_spy_ops). If the opponent has the Vital Defense System then f(x) = (opponent_max_cities * 1.2 + 3_spy_ops) For a simulated opponent with 20 cities, the VDS, and spais, the number of nukes needed to ensure a complete second strike is 27 nukes. The initial cost would be 20k alum, 12.5k gas, 6k uranium, and 47 million dollars. Upkeep costs would be 945,000 per day in peacetime. As the game currently stands, I believe this is balanced *enough*, although thoughts and suggestions are welcome. For a brief description of the Nuclear Triad project, click here.
  8. National project name: Nuclear Triad Small description: This project allows you to launch a Nuclear First Strike, or a second-strike in the vein of Mutually Assured Destruction. This project can only be activated once per war. Subsequent nuclear strikes will still cost 12 MAPs. Project effect: Launch a wave of nukes, one for each opponent city, regardless of current MAPs. Current MAPs set to zero. Resource cost: Steep, tbd Cash cost: 100,000,000 minimum
  9. Clarke's sisters, hmm? Does that mean Clarke has leverage over this alliance? O.o
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