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  1. They're clearly out to war the mod team.
  2. A monster never shares it's secrets.
  3. It's fine. The other members of the community are free to open up their own threads if they feel this one doesn't provide them with enough/too much information.
  4. Yeah no. You're free to suggest improvements in separate topics. But you cannot create master topic.
  5. Closed. The thread has basicly turned into a insult fest. If you have proof, report it. If not, then leave it be.
  6. Maybe re-suggest that as I think that suggestion had some fantastic ideas in it.
  7. We do not delete accounts based upon the players preference. If you dislike the game, leave and don't bother returning.
  8. This has gone way off topic and has resorted to a dick measuring contest. /Lock
  9. Topic closed. We're not changing the system at this moment of time to suit you.
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