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  1. pooball

    ANN - Ghost Ships and Magic Treasure!

    People still don't get it. Not once has NR bank had 206 billion in cash/rss. I've not once said the people didn't cheat. What I'm saying is we didn't know where it was all coming from and so reported it myself. Clearly its wrong and I'm waiting for Alex to reply so I ca. Give more details.
  2. pooball

    ANN - Ghost Ships and Magic Treasure!

    I'm not going to be making to much of a comment here but want to make some things clear. NR runs 100% taxes for any members who want to grow to city 20. This obviously brings in alot of money so that's how alot of nations have been able to grow faster then normal. As for the nations with them trade's I can confirm that all members of government in NR wasn't aware of it and definitely not member's. I'm not saying that the members who deleted haven't done anything wrong but we was unaware of what was happening. As for my trades with grather I can confirm that we did do them trades and that's probably where grather managed to find this loophole/hack/cheat. Them trades was done though because some people are web scrapping and managed to tell me exactly what was in my nation without spying me. Not all trades get logged on trade activity so I thought it would hide a % and give them false information on what's in my nation. I later found out that web scrapping wasn't to blame and that actually the person has api keys from most major alliances and knows exactly what's in each nation and alliance banks. NR also didn't have a 10 billion loan to pay back we actually had less then 2 billion debt. We also didn't have orion money. On punishment for all NR members that would be completely unfair because most people haven't had a single $ or rss from the alliance. Alot only joined a few days ago from TF. I would also like to add that some people did want me to pay for them to hide this from orbis. That's when I approached Alex myself with this. They can claim they was going to do something good with it but my dms show they was going to use it to their own advantage. They just didn't realise I really had no control of the NR offshore and then like magic they all deleted.
  3. A few people have been asking about our war with Pantheon so I thought it would be best to give you all a update here. Pantheon was approached a few days back about peace and they declined to take part in talks. Given the situation, we intend to call this war a victory and move on. We will not declare any new wars in this conflict and will treat new declarations from Pantheon as raids. We wish Pantheon the best moving forward.
  4. pooball

    Pantheon workout routine to shave off all that extra infra

    Pantheon was asked if they wanted peace but declined.
  5. pooball

    Pantheon workout routine to shave off all that extra infra

    You're welcome. Where did the other pantheon members go? Are they expecting top hat's on Nova?
  6. pooball

    Tracking trading results - Spreadsheet

    Problem is that not all trades get listed on the trade history.
  7. pooball

    The couping of Sirius

    You mean it didnt seem right for me to try to talk to you to see if we could peace? Or the fact your bank gov come to our discord saying he was there to apply? (it was him (Tcase) who was called a c*nt and not by any member of Nova) Or maybe the fact you lied to your own members saying I called them a C*nt? (DrLorenzoVonMatterhorn) Or your other members who declared on us saying to talk to you for peace as their war reason? Its sad that you have had 3 months to show everyone who bad Nova is by sending screenshots... You could have at least made fake chat logs by now.... All while your prot was begging for peace got onto their 3rd leader and cried when they had a few wars declared on them. I told them that if they wanted peace they needed to talk to you as I was not willing to allow them to leave the war and still get our slots full. This whole war on prots is stupid and didnt need to last this long, Nova was 3 weeks old when the war started yet you still thought it was needed to keep the war going. You was told you could peace us as Godfury explained to me. Anyway doesnt matter anymore im happy with the fact 2 bad micros disbanded and Richard of Godfury left the game all coz they could not peace with a micro. NOT ALL MICROS ARE BAD BUT I AGREE MOST NEED TO DISBAND (more to come from us in the coming months)
  8. pooball

    It's NAP time

    Good luck with the future Grumpy and thanks for the help with Pantheon
  9. pooball

    The couping of Sirius

    Hmm what would this make you then.... And if any other micro wants to start anything with us at Nova just take a look at Sirius and TCE. Pantheon talk as if they have done nothing wrong in this situation but yet the only reason sirius dropped your protection is due to your lies of compensation and the fact you wouldn't even talk to us to sort peace. You claim you couldn't peace but then 2 different people in your coalition said pantheon and GF was told they could peace nova. Well done anyway pantheon on winning a war and as a side note to all members of pantheom your leader is the biggest liar in the game i never once called anyone any names. If you guys want to get away from him you're welcome to apply at nova where you will see we so different to what you have been told.
  10. pooball

    The Fake SNN: Where is Nova Bank?

    I don't think anyone except you really cares. Wait you only care because you have demanded the money. Anyway go crawl back under your Rock and enjoy your vm. Find our real bank... Yeah this isn't our bank.. we don't have that much not even half that amount
  11. pooball

    The Fake SNN: Where is Nova Bank?

    This is actually getting very sad now indeed. I guess anyone who we have sent money/rss to during this war is aiding nova. I don't even need to explain myself to anyone here.
  12. pooball

    The Fake SNN: Where is Nova Bank?

    Now this is cute Sorry we are not pantheon and like keeping billions in the bank while keeping a load of inactives. Now why don't you spend the next 4 weeks actually searching for the real nova bank... or wait even better keep out of other people business and do something yourself. Are we not just a micro no one cares to hear about
  13. pooball

    Surrendering to Nova

  14. pooball

    Declaration of war on Nova Riata

    The best thing is their first move on me was to missile my 280 infra city
  15. pooball

    Declaration of war on Nova Riata

    I don't think they understand what's going on. But they claim in this post that Nova hit them due to them raiding a member of IQ. Someone teach them something lol

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