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  1. Hello, as of today, I, Chris, will be resigning as an administrator and as a staff member for Politics and War. Currently, I don't have the time for it in my life and it's a bad time in general for me, as it's hard to find the time for it amidst a sea of other things. I am mainly doing this because I want to focus on my career. There is no bad blood between me and Alex or me and the community, I simply need to focus on other things and this has been taking up too much of my time. I am unsure if I will keep playing the game, but for now I will also be taking a short break from it as well and placing my nation into VM. Thanks for having me! Chris
  2. Understood, I'll go ahead and change the name and issue a warning. Locking this thread up now.
  3. Not an alliance announcement, moving this to Orbis Central
  4. Moving this to game reports. Also I will likely change their name and issue a warning, as I understand the inappropriate nature of the name. EDIT: After some more thought, I will not be taking action as the name is being used as a joke and it doesn't have any immediate offensive connotation and doesn't exactly violate the rules. P.S. Don't watch an anime called boku
  5. @Grymholt I will look at that now, although it is the wrong place to send the report, it's also worth mentioning that a shared unique ID doesn't necessarily mean the accounts are multis. @Hellother sorry for the late reply, we have multiple ways to find those who violate the rules around multiple accounts and I believe this "check box" is standard for anyone who signs up.
  6. Moving this to orbis central as it isn't an alliance announcement
  7. Moving this because it isn't a legitimate alliance announcement as Lordaeron doesn't exist.
  8. Moving this to orbis central as it seems to be a joke and not an actual announcement to my knowledge. If the opposite is the case feel free to tell me and I can move it back.
  9. Chris

    Nazi DoW

    I went ahead and gave them a warning, further action may be taken if this behavior is continued. Thank you for the report.
  10. Chris

    Uhh :v

    This has been reported to me a few times. This is a teacher and his students playing the game together for some sort of class project, originally, Alex was supposed to verify all of them but I suppose that never happened so I will work on doing so. See here for evidence of it being a class. Thank you for the report irregardless, locking this thread now.
  11. So a few things I want to mention before I lock this thread. Alex isn't available for comment as he is travelling so I will handle the situation to the best of my ability. You are welcome to PM him if you feel I handled the situation incorrectly. First of all, I strongly doubt there has been a situation where someone was warned for reporting nazi, terrorist, and/or inappropriate content; Typically, the only ones warned are those who are engaging in the act themselves. If there has been a situation like this please let myself or Alex know. The game has also always disallowed this content, so I don't know where you're getting the idea that we are "encouraging" this behavior as we very clearly are not. Second, we cannot moderate things done off-site and off the official forums and discord for multiple reasons; The biggest being that we have no power over what other sites, discords and forums do. The other thing is that there is often no way to prove a person on another site, forum or discord is the same as someone in-game or on the official forums or discord; I myself have made this mistake before and wrongfully banned people (Who are now unbanned) based off of faulty information, so I know first-hand why people shouldn't be banned based off of something that has been done off the game, the official forums and/or discord. Third, as far as the actual report goes, his name could be referring to a territory after WWI but it could also be referring to the group known as "The Sudeten Nazis" so it will be changed, his portrait is clearly showing a known nazi so it will also be changed. For now, he will be warned, I checked his moderation history and he has no prior warns for this so he will not be banned; If he continues this behavior though, which is stated in the game rules to not be allowed, he will be banned. Thank you for the report, if you have further concerns feel free to contact me or Alex in a respectful manner. EDIT: The name change was appealed as it was explained but the warn for the portrait remains. They changed to a new portrait which was checked and approved by me as well.
  12. A unique ID doesn't necessarily mean that it's two people running the same nation. They are also not breaking any rules regarding nations on the same IP. One of the accounts has also been inactive for over two months. If you have any other evidence you could show, I'd be willing to look into it further, but as of right now it looks like they're separate people.
  13. Could you be more descriptive (You can PM me about it here or on discord if you need to)? What you're describing right now isn't necessarily breaking any rules. However, if he is using vulgar language and/or resorting to personal attacks, that's a different story. Also please note that actions done outside of the game and its official forum and discord can't be moderated/handled unless if it's an extreme case.
  14. Hello, I went ahead and moved this to the correct category for this post. Also, what features were you thinking?
  15. Looking into this now, thank you. EDIT: I currently don't see any proof of them being multis beyond sharing a unique ID, I'll keep an eye on it and may ask them for verification if the situation changes but they don't appear to be the same person. I wouldn't necessarily count their posts as spam as well, the worst they've done is possibly posting in the wrong category a bit, which is something a new player or forum user can do. I'll go ahead and send them a copy of the rules and I believe that should stop as they get more acquainted. If you have further concerns and/or evidence, feel free to message me here, in-game or on discord.
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