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  1. Yuno says she didn't even scanlate for GPWC, so the charges don't make sense. Also a year? Really? ?
  2. I still wouldn't trust them, but whatever has been going on they've already died enough for me.
  3. I think there is a legal & moral difference when you give it away free. Since it is free to reproduce though.
  4. If they gave access to digital content which is free to reproduce, its news to me that would count under that rule. So I don’t agree with the bans.
  5. Why would anyone make these loans for them to begin with? lol @ them.
  6. In 10 days Nicholai can come out of VM and install me as King of Kingsglaive again. Let me know if interested in joining then, but plan to wait until then before doing very much.


  7. I did offer to rejoin if they wanted to hold an election on leader, so I tried at least.
  8. BK did provide a needed break from war probably when I joined and continued City growth up to 18. So I'm grateful for that and not sure I would still be around if not for BK. So shame to see it end like this.
  9. Good luck to former BK members wherever they end up. RIP BK
  10. Anti-GOONS Society doesn’t like goons? Shocking, I know.?
  11. I thought the timing was sketchy for you guys to peace out as your allies were still being rolled & then aligning the enemy mid-war. You didn't need to beg for a treaty since you the propaganda tool they wanted, not many respectable alliances are willing to peace & aligned the enemy as soon as those not treaty obligated to help Chaos/KETOG finally decided to make some moves to help regardless. Although I've avoided commenting on your alignment change and will continue to do so, good luck and swapping sides wasn't taking the moral high ground. Although its the respect CoS gained before the side switch to goons which is why many still want to hold you guys in high regard.
  12. I don’t know what rule says that, but ending wasn’t the best. Also if we ban those who bring a little controversy, nothing would be happening. Bored now, lol.
  13. Was an impressive war to keep going that long & pretty close to finishing off some alliances. Congrats to Roq & Shadowthrone on keeping it going so long. War to remember at least.
  14. Sad to see Roq, Shadowthrone, Yuno banned & others just wanting to peace out so they can delete. Even if on different sides, was an interesting war & think they should be allowed back sooner probably.
  15. Black Knights should join my new alliance. Its the new place to be for those who want to join me and be part of the future.? Low Taxes guaranteed.
  16. Noosphere/LAN declares victory over GOONS (Again, lol) We also welcome all refugees from NG, GoG, Yakuza & others who disbanded or lame to join us instead or maybe merge into a new alliance if we come up with a better name idea. Come over to the Kingsglaive Discord to Discuss: https://discord.gg/8FZCCDf
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