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  1. Best fighter includers players who may have lower cities, may have been tackled but did way more damage than they ought to have, milcom players who gave out good targets. If it was stats alone we already have auto awards for those players.
  2. Player of the Year: Dryad Most Influential Player: Partisan Most Likely to Succeed in 2021: Best Alliance Leader: Valkorion Baratheon Worst Alliance Leader: Best Government Member (not a leader): Changeup Best General Member: Abbas Most Missed Player:Marzipan Best IC Poster: Poster You Most Love to Hate: Best Villain: Isjaki Largest E-Peen: DtC Justice Best Fighter: Isjaki Best Raider: Murtaza Most Controversial Player: Player You’re Pretty Sure will be Playing in 2050: Player that is Worst at Responding to DMs: Best Player Avatar: Best Player Signat
  3. If you don't like an alliance simply don't join their discord.
  4. It gives you a little extra a day like the activity bonus but with an hour of clicking.
  5. I don't mean to brag but I scored a B- on my IQ test and I think I'd make you smarter.
  6. As a separate post so people can downvote and upvote accordingly. I was thinking it would be a resource that nations save up for major wars. As an outline, 75% of uranium used by reactors is converted to DU, and the amount of DU used will be 5% of munitions consumption. so a nation with 20 cities would produce only 18 Du a day Soldiers will take 0.00001 of DU for a ground attack and a small amount for defensive battles (I can't find the values in the wiki for defensive usage) for a very small 5% boost to tanks killed Tanks will take 0.0005 of DU while also using a very smal
  7. As uranium gets used by your reactors a small amount then converts to depleted uranium, and you may choose to use it in an attack to give your units a small boost similar to how you can choose whether soldiers use ammo. I don't want to get into the particular balance in this post just whether you guys think it would be a good concept. The concept being to introduce a resource that would dwindle in supply during the early stages of a global war, creating a certain milestone. Having it be rare enough that not everybody can afford to always use it, and to fight without it wouldn't be a guaranteed
  8. Great suggestion, but 500 mil is too high.
  9. I like the idea, but I think looting all defensive battles would be heavily tilted in favor of raiders or guerilla nations as counters spend a lot of ammo to keep those nations zeroed and blockaded, while raiding or launching missiles require very few resources. Being able to recover a portion of ammo after each defensive battle would make an already difficult task for counters, starving ammo, more difficult, and it would enable self-reliance without requiring a nation to be actively doing anything. I'd prefer that losses be recovered at the end of a war, or instead of limiting it to defensive
  10. I dont think it matters whether an alliance dedicated to raiding are the "justified" side in this conflict. Real question is what did you guys expect to happen when you declared multiple unprovoked wars against an alliance whose members are always slot filled anyways and whose cities are already built for war. You're gonna wear me down from 400 infra and make me waste 2 of my 5 war slots on attrition?
  11. By rallying the local governments of America to revolt against a tyrannical superpower that sought to reclassify colonists as non-Englishmen while in the meantime denouncing the aimless violence of mob-rule.
  12. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=44927 Good Hope is an alternatively financed international non-profit marine conservation organization that engages in direct action campaigns to protect the oceans of Orbis
  13. Swastikas were stylized in different ways. The Nazi one is something you'll see often on ancient artifacts and was also used by the 45th Infantry Division. If you're actually interested in an explanation of why swastikas are all over the place and why they died so quick in the west... and because I have nothing else to do... Short version is that as the western world began learning about the comparative method in linguistics they were able to link together and trace back the origins of all Indo-European languages such as Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Farsi, and English to a common proto lang
  14. It was settled in like the first 2 posts that Nazi flags are against the rules. And the discussion continued to the title of the thread "are swastikas banned" which nobody should think so. Yeah totally ulterior motives burhh. Religious freedom. Let the people worship their wheat god.
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