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  1. Just make it so alliances who hide and move resources from getting looted get permanently banned. And all of the resources that both alliances hold are totally deleted. That seems fair to me. And I'm sure that would probably create an incentive for war. Granted it is a solution for an exploit that most pixel huggers probably do not see as a exploit.
  2. It's been suggested by @Sir Scarfalot I believe and it's been brought up a few times before that to have an escrow where you cant collect a bounty until after the blockade is over, but once it is over you can collect. Seems like a simple solution to make a broken mechanic meaningful. edit: I see Scarf has already responded
  3. Dont play baseball, because it's not worth the carpal tunnel, and surely nobody would create a simple script to click through 250 baseball games.
  4. Stopped reading past the first sentences. Resources arent random, amd if you want to be independent raid resources from other players. If they deserved it they wouldnt lose.
  5. Why is Blacklight pretending to be Blackbird
  6. 3) I also think not all bounties should be anonymous but rather come with a fee if a nation wishes to make them anonymous. E.g., 20 mil anonymous bounty costs 40 mil to place In order to prevent players from totally fighting anonymous proxy wars with bounties. It's a revenge mechanic, or a mechanic for the untouchables. Not an alternative to fighting. If a nation wants to bypass the fees they can still privately contact a swashbuckling alliance and be dealing with those people directly with their name in the air. No true anonymity without a fee.
  7. a suggestion to make bounties more interesting 1) Have bounties collectable during a blockade. Money goes to escrow if the nation is under a blockade. 2) Add bounty stats Bounties Collected: X Money Collected From Bounties: X
  8. Changes to the bounty system have been suggested a dozen times. It's pretty worthless right now. Just beige someone and "oh look they happen to have a bounty." I don't know why after all this time Alex hasnt fixed bounties not collecting during a blockade. That alone kinda prevents the system from working as intended.
  9. I did it now give me the 10 mil or I nuke for violating our bounty agreement
  10. Best fighter includers players who may have lower cities, may have been tackled but did way more damage than they ought to have, milcom players who gave out good targets. If it was stats alone we already have auto awards for those players.
  11. Player of the Year: Dryad Most Influential Player: Partisan Most Likely to Succeed in 2021: Best Alliance Leader: Valkorion Baratheon Worst Alliance Leader: Best Government Member (not a leader): Changeup Best General Member: Abbas Most Missed Player:Marzipan Best IC Poster: Poster You Most Love to Hate: Best Villain: Isjaki Largest E-Peen: DtC Justice Best Fighter: Isjaki Best Raider: Murtaza Most Controversial Player: Player You’re Pretty Sure will be Playing in 2050: Player that is Worst at Responding to DMs: Best Player Avatar: Best Player Signature: Sketchy Best Nation Theme: Roberts Best Nation Page Design: Marzipan
  12. If you don't like an alliance simply don't join their discord.
  13. It gives you a little extra a day like the activity bonus but with an hour of clicking.
  14. I don't mean to brag but I scored a B- on my IQ test and I think I'd make you smarter.
  15. As a separate post so people can downvote and upvote accordingly. I was thinking it would be a resource that nations save up for major wars. As an outline, 75% of uranium used by reactors is converted to DU, and the amount of DU used will be 5% of munitions consumption. so a nation with 20 cities would produce only 18 Du a day Soldiers will take 0.00001 of DU for a ground attack and a small amount for defensive battles (I can't find the values in the wiki for defensive usage) for a very small 5% boost to tanks killed Tanks will take 0.0005 of DU while also using a very small amount for defensive battles with a 10% boost to tanks killed As DU is armor penetrating Air vs Air or Air vs Soldiers would not use it, but aircraft could use 0.0125 DU for a ground or naval bombing making it expensive while also give a large 25% boost to tanks bombed and a 10% boost to ships destroyed. Ships would take less DU as a %: 0.10 DU for a 10% boost.
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