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  1. What if the small nations take the discounted resources and sell it for a profit on the market?
  2. Get a loan from some in game bank. You’ll pay a lot less in interest back then 25%.
  3. What’s wrong with people earning billions? If they are willing to put in the effort then they desire what they get. They don’t need people like you coming in and ruining their choice of lifestyle just because you aren’t willing to put in their level of effort. Smh. Alex. Just add more ads to the pages, it will slow them down a bit due to load time, and it will create more revenue for you to run this game so you don’t have to keep artificially increasing the worth of credits and advertising subscriptions.
  4. The game might let you buy as many credits per month as you like off the market, but you can only sell 10 per month. Also people could get around $21m per credit if they have the patience.
  5. Did you have someone read over the message before sending it?
  6. Is it really that difficult to double check the information before you click sell or buy? ^ That is a simply solution many people, including myself, are currently doing when we make trade offers. I also noticed, @Tiberius, that you chose to ignore another person who commented that. Just like you chose to click that sell or buy button and made that trade offer. You chose to do it, it is your fault for doing it, and you have no one to blame for it but yourself. Stop blaming me and the rest of TKR for your mistake. For clarification: It is a notification bot, not a trading bot. It is no different to the war notification bots floating around and it is not against the rules. The link that it provides takes us to the market page. It does not accept the trade offer, and the link is no different to having a market paged bookmarked (like I do because I don't like the default sorting). After the page is loaded we still need to look for the trade, accept it and then hope it loads before someone else gets it or you delete it. For someone like myself who doesn't have the best of Internet, or computer, it can take several seconds just for my browser to open let alone load the game. We also don't accept every single mistrade. When we get a notification we determine whether or not we feel like stopping what we're doing to attempt and swipe that trade up in a perfectly legal way. And there are actually many mistrades that don't get answer. The notification bot is a fair tool that doesn't violate the game rules. We all have an equal opportunity to make a trade bot for ourselves, if people don't then that is their choice, just like it's their choice if they want to double check their offer before clicking sell or buy. I make lots of trade offers a day, double check them all, and then go the extra step to check that they appeared correctly on the market page. Why? Because I don't want someone to profit from my mistake. I am taking the extra precautions to make sure I don't stuff up. If you choose not to and continue to create trade offers, then you have no one but yourself to blame. We wouldn't have another 100 scripts. If everyone made a script then it would be rare if anyone gets any trades. Just like mining bitcoin, the more people that do it the less worth it is to do it, making people choose not to do it as they don't believe the worth is greater then the cost. This issue already has an easy resolution. Double check your offers before clicking sell or buy. It's not hard and it can save you millions. It doesn't even take any extra code that needs to be made, any extra delay in apis, any extra annoying captcha, or any extra pages that need to load. The simply and easy solution is to change how you do things to fit with how things are already done, instead of asking everyone else to conform to your way. But you did in the peace terms. Forcing us to return it on request only to you people, not the rest of Orbis. Which sounds like special treatment to me.
  7. Image Type: Nation Flag Image Link: https://i.imgur.com/n8x5NbY.jpg Nation ID: 19818 Alliance ID (for alliance flags only): N/A
  8. I have a theory that whoever made this thread has no intention of player retention. Instead, I believe it's about allowing whatever alliance made this thread to grow their new members up faster, so when they do leave the alliance can tax them at 100% and gain more money for less work and time.
  9. BlackAsLight


    I like the idea of a loan machanic, however I don’t think there should be a insurance policy, but instead we are allowed to destroy a percentage of persons infra and/or land (This being the only way so far for one to destroy someone’s else’s land) if payments end due to negative income and we are tired of waiting. If a nation gets automatically deleted due to inactivity then I think the lender should get 60% back of the remaining money owed. I think the borrower should have the option to choose how much they pay back each turn, but still letting the lender choose at what’s interest rate. I think the borrower should be able to choose out of a fixed payment each turns or a percentage of their net income the same way taxes work.
  10. It seems to be already now. I didn't get a chance to check it out in another browser, but when I went to check the other cover photos most of them were fine, but some were stuffed up and out of the ones that were stuffed up. None were the same way stuffed up.
  11. What were you doing (or trying to do): I went to view my nation page What happened (describe thoroughly please): I notice the Cover Photo had white and green lines all over it. Link to page: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=19818 Any other relevant information: I went to change it and notice some of the other cover photos are also messed up. Screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/bsACt
  12. For some reason I read "API Food Limit?"
  13. This was the type of answer I was looking for. Thank you.
  14. I know it would be stupid to have a mix at that level of Infra like that, but I was just wondering how the game would think in a situation like that was to ever happen. I did assume that it would prioritising Nuclear Power over Coal / Oil as it can power more Infra, but then what would happen if someone had 700 Infra and a Coal and Oil Power Plant. Which one would powering the first 500 Infra and which one would end up powering the remaining 200 Infra.
  15. I have a question about how the Power in a city works and I am guessing this is the right place to ask. If someone has 700 Infra and for some weird reason they also have a Coal Power Plant and a Nuclear Power Plant in that same city. Would Both Coal Power Plant and Nuclear Power Plant consume resources to power the city or would only the Nuclear Power Plant consume resources?
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