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  1. Go on r/choosingbeggars and I assure you, your mind will be changed.
  2. You answered your own question. ”Do people ever actually sell food at these ridiculously reduced prices?” ”the answer is always, go pound sand.” lol. In more seriousness I doubt anyone who has 1m tons of food would sell at such a discount. I don’t even think one could get a 25% discount from their own alliance let alone strangers from others.
  3. What would Gudea Labs know about an aussie deer’s blood pressure! Pffft. It’s all mine... unless you want to pay full price.
  4. And I won’t sell it at your asking price. It’s higher than that on the global market.
  5. I can wait for you to get an extra $50-60m.
  6. Counter offer. I’ll sell you 1 million tons of food for $170/ton.
  7. I only realised at the end of reading this that its an ad and not somebody complaining.
  8. @firedash Honey, sweetie, darling. You must understand that even if you did manage to get all food producers, which I guess includes me, to sell our food at a lower price, some other guy with deep pockets, which I guess also includes me, will just come by and buy it all up to sell it at this higher price. If you want food prices to go down then you either need to increase food production or reduce food consumption.
  9. I’ll sell you all of my food for $100ppu. I would not say $95-$97 ppu for food is a crisis. Production and consumption of food is pretty much equal right now, we could use more producers. I will be following the market. If everyone else wants to sell their product for cheaper then it’s currently worth, I’ll gladly swallow that up.
  10. How can you blame the rich and whalely? They are the ones who mostly produce the food everyone else eats. Blame the poor for needing so much food. If they didn’t need so much food then we’d have a surplus of food and prices would drop.
  11. The price of food, or any market, displays how scarce said resource is from public access. If you want to move the food price down, why don’t you start producing food.
  12. What people want and what people get are two different things.
  13. BlackAsLight


    What if the small nations take the discounted resources and sell it for a profit on the market?
  14. Get a loan from some in game bank. You’ll pay a lot less in interest back then 25%.
  15. What’s wrong with people earning billions? If they are willing to put in the effort then they desire what they get. They don’t need people like you coming in and ruining their choice of lifestyle just because you aren’t willing to put in their level of effort. Smh. Alex. Just add more ads to the pages, it will slow them down a bit due to load time, and it will create more revenue for you to run this game so you don’t have to keep artificially increasing the worth of credits and advertising subscriptions.
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