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  1. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=262298 This guy is a big time war dodger.
  2. What's I'd like to know, what is the bank's process in deciding who can and can't be trusted? With every scam, the people lose more and more faith in external banks. I think it would be in the banks best interests to be smarter and less trusting. I would like it very much if banks could answer my question above in detail. Anyone who gives their money to somebody else is accepting risk. Whether that be an external bank, their alliance bank, or even your friend's nation. The reason alliance banks don't get robbed as often as external banks is because alliance banks are a lot less trusting.
  3. Have you not seen The Office?? The episode where Jim stole Dwight’s identity? Smh. So uncultured.
  4. It was Jim’s offer plus $100m.
  5. Firstly. My name isn’t black light. secondly. I offered Jim a counter offer, but he rejected it, demanded that I then restate my counter offer publicly just so he can reject it again.
  6. No need to imagine. I’m doing it.
  7. Lol. I’m actually trying to meet people half way here. I would say that’s pretty clear since I did take one of YOUR suggestions. Can you say the same for him?
  8. If you truely believe that then why are you still here? You obviously just want me to fork over the money with zero insurance that I’ll get what I’m paying for.
  9. I fail to see how that would prove anything. Not to mention why would I even need to prove myself to you? if somebody is able to do the amount of damage I want in a single war then I’ll just give them the rest of the money.
  10. I think I will go with the 10 at $100m Attrition bounties. Although I will need to post them one after the other as I don’t want a single person to claim them all with the beige of one war. because he could collude with the attacker. Splitting the cost. Even though by my calculations it costs more then $1b for his nation to be rebuilt, colluding and selling he’s infra will reduce the cost of attacking him meaning splitting the bounty would reduce the cost of rebuilding.
  11. Well obviously. Not everyone likes d*cks up their ass. I’m offering money to the people who beat thieves up.
  12. I am obviously talking about on discord. Just because your name starts with black does not give you the right to use my name, blackie, and masquerade around as me. Who knows what crimes you have committed with my name! What lies you have told. You can pretend to act a fool and like you’ve done nothing wrong, but we both know that is not true. You simply using my name decays it’s honour and integrity. My name, my identity is everything here in Orbis. I do not care how committed you are to this land, I shall not stand for you to steal my name and ruins everything that it stands for. Call it childish or whatever words out of the book you like! Identity theft is not a joke Jim! If you want the bounty removed, then change your discord name off of blackie, before somebody tries to claim the bounty, and make a public declaration that you swear never to use my name again! When? Take down the monster and you’ll get the money you seek.
  13. Maybe because you can’t set the requirements listed here on an in game bounty?
  14. The one known as Blackbird has committed an horrendous crime of identity theft. His arrogance in thinking he can take what is mine! What belonged to me before he even existed cannot not go unpunished! The name blackie is mine, mine alone and will always belong to me long after death. So I am hereby placing a $1b bounty on Blackbird’s head which will be paid out to the person/group who bring every one of he’s cities to at least 1k infrastructure. Any colluding with Rothschild Family and/or Blackbird regarding this will void you of said bounty. If Blackbird resorts to destroying he’s own infrastructure then to receive the bounty you must keep him at least 1k infrastructure for 2 weeks. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=175001
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