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  1. I’m sure everyone here has traded on the market at least once, and if your experience was anything like mine then you found it annoying. Why annoying? Because: The table on mobile requires horizontal scrolling. When creating an offer, you have to remember what price and quantity you want to set and not get them mixed up. You need to double think if you want to click that sell or buy button. If the offer on the market is greater than you can accept and you want to buy as much as you can afford you either end up calculating how much you can buy/sell or enter small guess amounts until you run out of money. and plenty more. I’m sure most of you have even made a mis-trade, and while most of them only cost you a few thousand dollars, others have lost millions due to a simple mistake that never needed to exist. Now. Why am I telling you all this? Well, because I have a simple solution to all these problems and more that will make you’re trading easier, faster and most importantly safer. The solution is called DocScripts. Open source, available on all major platforms, and 100% free for everyone. Either search DocScripts up with your search engine of choice, should be the top or one of the top results, or click the link here. https://docscripts.stagintin.com/ Now what is DocScripts and how does it solve these problems and more? Well DocScripts, more specifically the View Trades and Create Trade script: Change the market UI so it collapses better when on small screens. Adds Outbid, and Match buttons on the existing offers so you can easily click on the price you want. Being one dollar better or the same price. And when using those buttons fills in the create offer form for you and hides the opposing sell/buy button so you can’t click on the wrong one. Changes the default amount sitting in the boxes of the current offers to accept and lowers it, if necessary, to what you can actually afford. So there is no need to calculate or guess what’s possible. Just click accept. These scripts also offer other features like allowing you to easily switch between markets and protect you from accidentally selling off your warchest. But I think the greatest selling point is that it gives you basic protection against creating mis-trades by simply changing how you approach creating offers through the Outbid and Match button. For those of you that don’t know what a mis-trade is. Simply put, it’s when you create an offer on the market that is of a worse price than the best opposing offer on the market. Because, remember, there are two sides to the market. When you create offers, they can be to sell or buy. And if you create an offer selling resources at worse prices than offers currently buying than you’re creating a mis-trade as you’d make more money by simply accepting their offer. An analogy: If I am buying apples at $10 each then you start selling apples at $7 each, you’d have created a mis-trade as some other third party can come, buy your apples and sell it instantly to me for a $3 profit each. You’d have been better off accepting my offer selling to me at $10 instead of creating an offer selling at $7. https://docscripts.stagintin.com/ DocScripts can protect you from making a million dollar mistake and all while making trading smoother, faster and easier. Give yourself real protection and have it cost you nothing.
  2. TKR has our own baseball channel in our alliance, yet I still chose to create the Orbital Baseball League discord server and make the script public to the entire Orbis community. Because people in my alliance didn't want to play baseball with me :((( I have regularly over the months advertised the server in the game's discord server in the #pw-advertisements channel (as well trying to get it a few other servers as well) and pokecord, somebody who isn't even in TKR, chose to fork out the cash to make an in game ad about it. This is by no means a TKR thing.
  3. You should join our small and fast growing community of baseball players. We’ve had a lot of new members join recently with at least one new member a day. Many of our new members are new people to the game. https://discord.gg/dfmnW2xt7B Also for anyone interested in auditing the script we use, it’s available publicly on GitHub. Just google DocScripts. As of this moment it’s the one with 15 stars (yes I’m bragging). I’ve also got other scripts there you might be interested in.
  4. What you’re talking about already exists within the game. When you make a second offer on the market at the same price as one of your existing offers they get lumped together to make a new offer. The created date does get updated and they do get pushed to the back of the line. Personal trade offers don’t get lumped together.
  5. I believe it’s about 20 mins of continuous activity. Deleting a trade offer is literally clicking a button. How much easier do you need it to be? You’re wrong. This would only reduce the number of unique open trades on the market. Any bots would just need to be updated to handle the change.
  6. Sending 1 ton, or very few tons, of food to people for very high prices is how we send money to others in game. It’s very common to make these types of trades when people want to send money for whatever reason to another. The only other way one can send money to another is through their alliance bank which, for most, requires a third user to go from bank to desired nation. In the photo you posted, those just look like tips from playing baseball. There is a healthy tipping culture in the small baseball community.
  7. The big people give more than enough to the little people and don’t receive so much as a thank you. Smh. And yet you still have the audacity to ask for more. I ask you! How much does a big person have to give before it’s okay for them to be selfish in your eyes? It is their money after all, and while you seem to have a problem with big people keeping their money, you seem to have no problem with the little people being greedy pigs with an insatiable appetite to consume other peoples money! Get a job you lazy bum!
  8. Don’t be indoctrinated by this man’s words. He means to enslave you and steal all your wealth.
  9. Give the people a true voice. Not one filtered by what you deem acceptable responses. I am willing to bet that the people do not find this fringe element of the game a problem at all. Give the people what they want, not what you think is best for them.
  10. Like this person said but it’s a max of 1 food per $50m. If you want to send more than $50m you’ll need to add more food.
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