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  1. Baseball's just kinda there for the average player. It's profitability lies in people who sit there and spam click a hundred matches in 1 hour or botters. Make baseball a once a day home game and once a day away game feature that earns you a few extra hundred K a day if you got it maxed.
  2. Tbh bounties being delivered after a blockade would really help me cause my counters wont get a share of it I mean oh no dont make bounties go to escrow nooooo
  3. I'd do bounties if they got put into a limbo that was delivered once blockade was over. There's no sense collecting a bounty as a raider as I'm always under blockade.
  4. Make bounties go to escrow rather than losing out if you are blockaded. I want to be a super cool bounty hunter but Im always blockaded 😥🤧
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