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  1. This just happened to me in this war
  2. @AlexI just had this happen: Starting with 12, I should only have 2 MAPS left but have 6. I waited at 12 maps apparently 4 turns until I could get enough military to fight back and encourage him to beige me . I figure it would not be sporting to use the extra maps so I didn't and instead have reported it. If my math is correct I should legally have 3 maps to do a ground attack next turn. The time is pacific us time. you can figure out that I posted this about 30 minutes after my strikes before any other update. 021 12:10 amUnWiseOne Norval of Whidbey ordered an airstrike upon the nation of Free State of Florida and eliminated 12 Resistance. The attack was an immense triumph. UnWiseOne Norval's forces lost 39 aircraft, while President William Jameson's defenders lost 28 aircraft. The attack destroyed 10.85 infrastructure in the city of Sumter and 193 tanks.06/04/2021 12:11 amUnWiseOne Norval of Whidbey ordered a ground attack upon the nation of Free State of Florida led by President William Jameson and eliminated 10 Resistance. The attack was an immense triumph. UnWiseOne Norval's forces lost 5,848 soldiers and 355 tanks, while President William Jameson's defenders lost 6,799 soldiers and 420 tanks. The attack destroyed 27.42 infrastructure in the city of Gainesville and 0 improvements. UnWiseOne Norval stole $441,631.76 in the attack.06/04/2021 12:12 amUnWiseOne Norval of Whidbey ordered a ground attack upon the nation of Free State of Florida led by President William Jameson and eliminated 10 Resistance. The attack was an immense triumph. UnWiseOne Norval's forces lost 4,126 soldiers and 257 tanks, while President William Jameson's defenders lost 6,110 soldiers and 369 tanks. The attack destroyed 26.67 infrastructure in the city of Micanopy and 0 improvements. Because Whidbey had Ground Control, they were able to raid Free State of Florida's airfields. Whidbey's tanks destroyed 16 aircraft in the attack. UnWiseOne Norval stole $462,627.86 in the attack.
  3. @Alex I don't necessarily think they are bots/scripts although some friends in my alliance do. I think it's a few people creating many nations and using fake addresses. They do it so the alliance can be more powerful, the extra nations bring in more money, and they will have more troops to fight with especially later when it comes to wars. Anyway, I'm not going to waste any more of your time. Thanks for listening
  4. @Alex I know you might think these may all "check out" as seeming to have real email addresses but people can fake that. What you guys seem to be missing is how coordinated these things are. How is it possible for all these new nations who join SoS to already know who to attack? These are not independent NEW people run by unique individuals for each nation.
  5. Thanks. But, does the "good recruit bot" somehow have a coordinated list of nations in the recruitment advert for the applicants to hit right away, in some cases even before they join? . It's really fishy that these new nations suddenly know who to attack. Most newbies don't. To me that's the strongest evidence.
  6. Myself and several other members (like @Pailin and @RagnarDanneskjold) of my alliance (The Knights Radiant) suspect that many fake nations have been created for the Swords of Sanghelios (SoS) alliance (formerly named Arsenal) in the last month controlled by one or two players perhaps using masked ip's or something else to hide this. Many of these newly created nations just sit and block good raiding targets without attacking. My mentor says this all looks very fishy and I should file a ticket. The evidence for this is complicated but I will try to explain: 1) If you klick on the alliance page and filter by date created and descending you will see there have been over 60 NEW nations created in the last month that have joined SoS. There are many more not on the list who are "applying" that have been newly formed as well. There hasn't been an active ad campaign for this alliance (and I've been on a lot in the last month) and most other alliances don't have this many brand new players suddenly joining their alliance. My alliance (the #2) alliance has had only 13 new people join in that time period. Most just joining our alliance don't almost immediately attack people either. Also, If you look at the graph for this SoS alliance there is a huge uptick. 2) Many of the newly created nations know exactly who to target almost immediately (nations that have had good raid results,). Some within minutes. Some even before they apply to join SoS (or formerly Arsenal). This is too coordinated and not the behavior of random independent newbies just learning the game. Here is some proof of the fact that these new nations suddenly know who to attack and the targets are top raid producing nations (scroll through their nation activity history and see when formed etc): https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=289093 (this one attacked people i've raided within 3 minutes of applying to sos/arsenal) https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=297290 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=298570 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=297902 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=289075 (this one waited a day to join but knew within 13minutes of applying which countries to attack) There are many more. Here are some that just sit and block spaces without attacking (notice also they know who to attack very early in their formation unlike most newbies) : https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=289093&display=war https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=292988&display=war https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=285279&display=war Recently, they have gotten a bit more clever and had some nations pretend to apply to another alliance but quit them and soon attack still when they shouldn't really know who to attack for example: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=296914 Some wait a day or so to join SoS and attack but it's still fishy that so many newbies are doing this and following a similar pattern for just this one alliance. In our alliance it takes people a while to learn the ropes. Of course, there's a chance that some of these are actually independent players but the odds of so many nations exhibiting the same behaviors and all applying to SoS seem pretty....odd! Also, given the recent news about a possible spy ring with multi's some of whom have been connected to SoS, the evidence above seems worth looking into. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
  7. edit: To be fair, it is pretty creative and funny. I just have a hard time being objective given that I was raised to despise u$c. Hence the below... I know it's april fools but still....I'm sure all of us TKR members in the Pacific Northwest and fans of the colleges there are puking about now..... And that awful band song....our student section would chant: "Oh it's the only song you know, It's boring and it's slow" when the u$C band would play that one repetitive part....repeatedly. Actually,, pretty much any pac12 fan loathes U$C. Although I will root for the University of Spoiled Children against NotreDame so you got that right.
  8. Hi, Usually in my limited experience the max ads limit resets at the end of the orbis day at midnight. However, it did not do it today and I'm not making any money (perhaps it's related to the change you implemented?). Whenever I play it, it says I have gone over my limit for the day and to wait another day even though it should have reset. Is it now changed to limit ANY 24 hour period or is it a bug? As a fairly young nation 2 million per day really helps a lot and I really appreciate this feature. I hope you can get it to reset again at the end of each orbis day. Here is a visual of what happened yesterday and today: You can see I accidentally went over my maximum and rightly got a message. However, it was supposed to reset at 4pm my time (pacific US), yet look further below I'm still not getting my rewards. 02/19 03:59 pm Rewarded Ads Debug: Invalid request (104): You have hit your maximum ad view limit for the day. Please come back tomorrow 02/19 03:54 pm You have completed a rewarded ad and your nation has been credited with $80,000. These ads help support Politics and War so that we can invest in improving the game. Thank you for your support! I tried again this morning and I am still not getting credit even though it should have reset.(There's a lot of other stuff like baseball that I have deleted in this message between but you are free to go into my account and see that I have not gotten any rewards for ad watching today) 02/20 08:20 am Rewarded Ads Debug: Invalid request (104): You have hit your maximum ad view limit for the day. Please come back tomorrow The other stuff still reset at 4pm yesterday like usual: 02/19 04:01 pm Your daily military purchase limits have been reset. You can now train and build additional military units. 02/19 04:00 pm You've received a $950,000 bonus for logging in today! Logging in every day consecutively earns you extra money, if you check on your nation tomorrow you'll earn $1,000,000! While your nation is less than 60 days old, you can earn up to $1,000,000 per day! Thank you kindly for your attention in this matter!
  9. Thanks!! Yeah I'm close to that. I think 50% of the difference is fair. So if they make 600 for winning and I make 8600 for hosting, I would give them 4k. Also, it seems quicker to play away games than it is to host home games so the away player is able to play more games. Not sure how to factor that in....
  10. So I'm a Newbie 3 days in, and I figured out I can make decent enough money hosting home games in baseball. I have been slowly building up my home field to make more money when I host. Of course, I lose all the time but still make a lot more than the visiting team. One person sells me on the trading market 1 food for me paying him a certain amount of money each day to compensate for this. I feel that's fair in principle. However, I'm wondering what % of what I make for hosting the game is standard around here to give as a tip. Also after 250 games, my earnings decrease to about 10% so it's basically almost an even split when I host so I don't feel I should tip for anything I make after 250 games. I don't want to be a jerk and give someone less than what's fair but I also don't want to be taken advantage of. So what's fair?
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