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  1. Hi, Usually in my limited experience the max ads limit resets at the end of the orbis day at midnight. However, it did not do it today and I'm not making any money (perhaps it's related to the change you implemented?). Whenever I play it, it says I have gone over my limit for the day and to wait another day even though it should have reset. Is it now changed to limit ANY 24 hour period or is it a bug? As a fairly young nation 2 million per day really helps a lot and I really appreciate this feature. I hope you can get it to reset again at the end of each orbis day. Here is
  2. Thanks!! Yeah I'm close to that. I think 50% of the difference is fair. So if they make 600 for winning and I make 8600 for hosting, I would give them 4k. Also, it seems quicker to play away games than it is to host home games so the away player is able to play more games. Not sure how to factor that in....
  3. So I'm a Newbie 3 days in, and I figured out I can make decent enough money hosting home games in baseball. I have been slowly building up my home field to make more money when I host. Of course, I lose all the time but still make a lot more than the visiting team. One person sells me on the trading market 1 food for me paying him a certain amount of money each day to compensate for this. I feel that's fair in principle. However, I'm wondering what % of what I make for hosting the game is standard around here to give as a tip. Also after 250 games, my earnings decrease to about 10%
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