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  1. Tough words, coming from a guy who deleted an entire city right after you booted me from the alliance just so you'd be out of my range.
  2. LMFAO, the little !@#$ kicked me from the alliance because he can't handle being called out for bullying.
  3. Don't join Typhon, they force you to pay 50% taxes, order all their members to attack you if you leave, the leadership will pay people to nuke you if you get on their bad side, they'll straight up steal anything you put in the bank, and the leader is some disgusting anti-Semitic, racist 16 year old. Very toxic alliance. They even have a guy that photoshops in-game messages and discord messages to get them banned or make them look like idiots.
  4. Guy's been drawing pictures of dicks and sending them to me
  5. LMFAO, no, that is not typical behaviour in real world military's. So, outside of being a coward who can't stand up to the racists in the game he made, you're also claiming to know anything about how actual war or military's work? What's next, you gonna go full stolen valour and claim to have been in the army or some shit? frickin get your shit together man.
  6. ^ That borders on stolen valour, as well as bullying, because this 16 year old Aussie seems to think he knows what actual war is like. ^ He's demanding the entire alliance attack this former member until he rage quits the game. He left because Zephyr forces every member (unless they're a close personal friend) to pay 50% taxes. He also implies that anyone who leaves will get the same treatment.
  7. My alliance's leader is bullying alliance members into doing things they don't want to, and if they don't like it and leave, he orders the entire alliance to attack them, continuing the harassment. Does this constitute a breach of the rules?
  8. Some scrub-ass punk thinks he's big shit just because he's an alliance officer, so I need to put him in his place. Am I able to frick his shit up while he's in my alliance, or do I have to leave to do it?
  9. I've been doing a little investigating on a few things I felt were shady, here's everything I've gathered concerning this particular report: Black Knights (BK) have the alliance Eregion (tBK) listed as a protectorate. The only description for the alliance Eregion is: "All members are a part of BK, so hands off. Amaryllis loves taquito for lyfe and stryka is doodoo" There are two nations listed as member nations of Eregion (tBK): Wintery (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=39381); and Taco Land (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=80836) Looking at Taco Lands Nation Activity, you'll
  10. From: Ranger Date: 10/26/2018 Friday 5:21 pm Lol no you cuck it doesn't matter have nothing to loose https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=53229
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