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  1. Hellother

    Unjustly Banned

    User Name: HelloTher Nation Name: Ungandan Moose Knuckles Punishment: Ban Date of Ban/mute: 3/7/19 Reason for Ban/mute: Cheating- creating multiple accounts Length of Ban/mute: Permanent Banned By: Admin Reason for Appeal: Recently, about two or three weeks ago, I asked a simple question. How do the Mods know if you have multiple accounts? I didn't know at the time and was using the information to write my report on a player at our school who was using multiple accounts. After I posted the report, the violator was banned. But...so were several people on our school's ID who were innocent. If you check the ID we all play on, you will see that their are too many nations for this "multiple accounts ban" to be justified. There are many of us on the network and too many for one person too upkeep, as many of them just liked the game so much they played until they had a high score. I bring this up now because I , HelloTher was just banned after a week or so after everyone else. I ask, why? The only one that should stay banned is Will B Jr and Barto (those are the 2 accounts of the violator) all others including myself, HelloTher of Unganden Moose Knuckles, need to be unbanned. We were running an alliance called DevTech (DVT) and loved to play this game. I want to keep playing but that is not an option if we are going to be banned for simply playing in a large group and enjoying the game at school. Additional info: I assume all of those who were banned (besides the player that it was intended for) can still be playing if you un ban them.
  2. Hellother

    Multiple Accounts Ban Question

    First of all, and not to be rude here, why would you report us @MERCY? We are all friends who play at school. If you re-check the link (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/unique/id=147497), there are a bunch of nations on our school network. This was just a simple curious question I had. Second, thank you for the help, @Chris
  3. Hi everybody! I have a question. I'm just curious, not saying I'm going to do this, but does anybody know how detection works for having multiple accounts. I was making my first, and only, account the other day and saw the "Multiple Accounts is Against the Policy" box and was wondering, how do they even detect when players break this rule? Wouldn't different e-mails hide their espionage? Or do they use IP tracking to determine the source? Just curious, if anyone knows the answer that would be neat.

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