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  1. F, it was an honor warring along side you.
  2. Heard that the DoW was just for intimidation purposes, lame I know.
  3. Wew, any war is good war I guess, good luck!
  4. Wew, rev up them war engines boys. Have fun!
  5. Neato, rev up the war engines boys!
  6. Trinimac


    You do realize the first two links you gave don't got shit on them right? I'll talk to the other members on that last link.
  7. One night, the Nords found themselves caught in a storm and swept deep into enemy territory. As they sailed, they saw explosions in the distance, telltale signs of fighting. As they neared the exchange, they soon realized it was the ships of the God Emperor himself battling with some strange folk with a green flag. They fearlessly rammed into the enemy ships and began their assault in aid of the God Emperor. Tl;dr NSR declares war on House Tyrell in defense of IoM Signed by: King- Leif Erikson Jarl of MA- Lord Buffington Jarl of FA- Sun Yat-Sen Shoutout Juche Gvng
  8. Had a great time guys, good effort!
  9. All together they only had three in my range
  10. As the Nords took a breather from their raids, one of them noticed two other forces coming from their flanks. One seemed to be composed of men in suits, and the other wearing black garbs of some sort. They immediately picked up their weapons and decided to get to work. The Nordic Sea Raiders recognize hostilities between them and Typhon/Kingsmen
  11. Damn, and I came here to see how we were doing. No love.
  12. Welcome to Orbis. Y'all look like you guys got some good heads on your shoulders.
  13. Trinimac

    OWR RoH

    I could barely read it and I use my TV as a monitor.
  14. Can't tell whether this is ad hominem or red herring. This in no way argues the original point. Nice try though.
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