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  1. Who on earth is this guy? Not everyone needs a voice
  2. I hereby motion that Alex shut down the P&W servers for good. We've come to the end. gg
  3. I feel like there's a lot of missing humility and respect in your responses, my friend.
  4. I was surprised to see KoC and it actually be about the Knights haha. I'm on the road to confirmation, so I can't technically join yet. But I see you ? The hate will flow in, as it already is, but neat idea. Cheers, stranger.
  5. The Great Salt War The Hunger Games *These are suggestions from the community, not my own
  6. Yep, definitely an upvote for the glasses
  7. If your wars are won/lost before they even start, you're doing something wrong. Maybe Alex could add a flashing banner reminding nuclear nations that there are other military units to be utilized. Or if there is a nation, God forbid an entire bloc, whose entire defensive strategy is flinging nukes, we could have a new in-game notification that reminds them they're being one dimensional, thus limiting their own ability to effectively wage war and have a fighting chance to accomplish anything meaningful in a conflict. Certified OOC Postâ„¢
  8. It's almost as if flinging nukes is a piss poor strategy or something.. Infra can be rebuilt, and markets stabilize. But your win-loss record is forever.
  9. I say it's easy to respect a man, and to be appreciative of his contributions and hard work, yet still be able to see things in a different light than one another. I figured you'd be able to figure that out, what with that shining intellect and big ol brain of yours. SAD. But everyone in Orbis knows you're the perennial troll of the OWF, so you have to try and stir up some shit somehow, critical thinking be damned.
  10. "Kayser is a great dude. Nothing but respect for him." "It doesn't matter that you used a crappy example to make your point." And apparently we need to work on your reading comprehension, too.
  11. I'm proud of you for admitting your failures! It doesn't matter that you used a crappy example to make your point. I'm just really happy for you! Now if we can just work on that personality
  12. Swing and a miss! Kayser is a great dude. Nothing but respect for him.
  13. Ackshullly, element85, you're looking for elements 11&17. Although, tbf, you are getting pretty close to being, "Immediately vaporized by the heat of [your] own radioactivity," which is to say, your own instability. But hey, stay dank. Or whatever.
  14. Kaladin is fricking trash, though, tbf
  15. Mitsuru doesn't bully people. He just doesn't sugar coat things and tells you like it is. Some people don't like that. It doesn't mean he's a meanie.
  16. Hey, man, congrats! The awesomeness of FB isn't going to be a well kept secret for much longer. Oh, and Cynic is bae
  17. Loool how cute. Let's not pretend that this Arrgh business is the pinnacle of the plans coming together. But it's very sweet that you think it is. Arrgh hits us all the time, just like everyone else. That's to be expected. They're pirates. (stay with me) Our new direction means that we want to work with new alliances. And our members want to hit Arrgh all the time. An opportunity to work with new faces comes along. And they want to hit pirates. Cool. So, we get a chance to give membership what they want, and a tiny step in the right direction in working with new people (showing that we're willing to work with you). I don't see anything confusing there. Cheers.
  18. I wasn't saying that you were the one putting that narrative out there. Your concerns are similar to Partisan. And both of your concerns have been sent up the chain.
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