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  1. From the title I thought this would be able specific components of the ship. It is a bit silly that planes can attack ships but not the reverse. Flak guns are still a thing on ships. On the other hand then it's closer to being a copy of ground/air; would it be better if things were more redundant in that sense?
  2. >post ww1 Germany >The Swastika and Wolfsangel have meanings and histories, you can't just magically re-envision them
  3. I like tacos. Nothing to see here.
  4. I was going to but then I didn't want to. Any suggestions?
  5. Surely that wording just puts yourself in a bind.
  6. If you mean for when the points are available in the future then yes. Have you really never been in a situation where logging in at a certain time is important or even critical for gaining AC or GC, or some other advantage that would be decisive in an ongoing battle? or able to imagine such a possiblity existing? Yes it does take effort, and fair enough if they beat me that way within the current rules. However, in what way does logging in and doing a ground attack take more skill than setting it to do so 6 hours prior? How would this decrease the actual level of skill necessary?I'm not sure why you seem to be telling me to "git gud", if I want to play in a more tactically efficient way with simply less real life grunt work and/or obligation. It's not like I'm complaining because I've lost due to this, if anything I've taken advantage of it this last week. If being able to preselect a few attacks would be such an issue, then why even have revenue be automatic? Sheepy could just as easily make everyone log in every turn and click "get revenue" or "produce coal". There are plenty of other games that allow you to have queues or even automate units without it destroying the strategy of the game. I could see an argument for wanting it limited to only 4 MAP or whatever, but I wasn't pushing hard for any certain number in the first place. As for your last sentence, I think you'll find that I never said that this game is literally unplayable if you don't log in all the time. Somewhat relatedly, I won't have any time for this game in general soon, not simply because of wars. I'll be in VM and winding down activity. Also, my number of responses may imply that I'm banging sheepy's door down about this, when I'm only responding to questions or responses to my OP's premise; some of my replies may have been too curt to maintain civility in this thread.
  7. So were TFP supposed to be the tuxedo or the car?
  8. I like how Sheepy keeps saying or hinting that we should all use politics to deal with this issue, yet a lot people keep talking about buffs and debuffs, and ways to make things built in to the mechanics. With those changes in place, then we could just ditch the politics part entirely, save for MDoAPs and ego clashes. I think that it's good for the politics to become more complex, even if that wasn't Sheepy's original intent.
  9. The problem is not that it takes a lot of time once you're logged in, the problem is "several (varying) times a day". As this is mainly a suggestion for the war module, then of course it is mainly referring to times when one is at war, which is a major part of this game. In peace you can still be raided for being inactive in many alliances, but that is only tangentially related.
  10. I hope that this stays focused on nukes and nukes only; it seems like there's a chance for mission creep here. Don't you know that any unwelcome statement or action is due to salt and/or butthurt.
  11. I can be a football player, rockstar, hired assassin, etc. in other games without the full time commitment and responsibilities of those in real life. Not to mention that leaders have a chain of command, and things being done without them or at a time they specify is not unheard of either.
  12. That is the one disadvantage one would accept by not logging in. However, I'd think it would be much better to have the option to put in something ahead of time something(or not), than to not have the option at all.
  13. One of the problems I have with these types of games is that they requires you to log-in a lot, often several ( varying) times a day, to play them efficiently. In essence, they reward you for having no life. All jokes aside, I'm sure most players have a time where they don't want to or can't log in at some critical period, but also don't want to be completely in vacation mode. It would be nice if one were able to set a certain number of attacks/moves ahead of the current turn, like let's say 24 hours worth.That way one could still play the game at the same pace as everyone else, but without needing to log in every day; right now it sort of seems like the choices are just all or nothing in terms of time commitment. Would this be considered too close to scripting, or make it easier for scripters? If there's any critical flaw to this idea I can't think of it (unless it's what I just mentioned). Perhaps it's meant to work this way, or perhaps I'm just not this game's target demographic, but I think I would want to stick around more in the long run if there were a feature like this.
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