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  1. I knew Bing still had some users out here, good on you man. ?
  2. I guess the real Easy Mode really was the friends we made along the way.
  3. Hey, I understood some of these references.
  4. Often Imitated, Never Duplicated. It was a good 2018, let's make the next one just as awful!
  5. Welp, I realized that I never finished the story of Politics and Infinity War, so better get on that quick. This day has already become grim and full of sacrifices, but still LeotheGreat continues on his quest to capture the six Infinity Alliances, and bring balance to the game. After sacrificing his daughter Silenzio to obtain the GotG Stone, the Mad Archduke now arrives at his ancient home: Obsidian Order. Once a prosperous and beautiful world, Obsidian Order was destroyed after its population and egos grew too great to manage. Unable to make the hard choices, the people of Obsidian Order tore it apart, destroying themselves and leaving Leo the only survivor. He did not desire to return home, but went there to meet his greatest servant - Roquentin. Instead, he was greeted by a group of "heroes" from the Knights Radiant attempting to stop his righteous crusade of balance. Nevertheless, they brought the fifth Infinity Alliance - the New Pacific Order - with them, so Leo did not lose hope. A great battle ensued, in which each was struck down one by one until only their greatest warrior, Lordship, remained! And so with that, LeotheGreat left the rabble behind, and left to find the final Infinity Alliance and finish his quest....
  6. I know you're actually sincere here, but the opportunity was too good. ?
  7. Screw you Sketchy, I earned this. Alex may not be doing ingame awards anymore, but I'm keeping this one. ?
  8. To address the concerns, I'd just say there were plenty of opportunities for anyone in NPO to get involved, given Kastor asked for volunteers to help a number of weeks ago, and I think you guys could definitely get a chance to look things over, just ask! Dynamic has made a pretty neat system for voting, and there haven't been any issues thus far while already getting a lot of people to vote. Trust in the process guys ?
  9. Hi folks, it's that time of the year again, so I'd like to take this time to remind everyone of my campaign to become Worst Alliance Leader for the third year running. We need your votes to win, so I'd strongly encourage everyone to get out there and vote for me as 2018's Worst Alliance Leader! Thanks!
  10. The noodle boi is entirely legitimate, it's basically our war flag at this point lol. And it's much appreciated, these are great!
  11. I hereby dub this the 720 day war. Eat your heart out 168.
  12. Who doesn’t like baseball? It’s the Alex-mandated pastime of Orbis, a real sport of champions! We all like baseball. Some of us a little more than others. The SyndIQ team is on a pretty sweet roll this season, making a clean sweep of the EMC league. Even the big teams with their ridiculous salary caps fell before us, battered by our diverse roster and young talent. Now there’s just one team left - The Fighting Pacifists. Now, the boys down in PR say the game shouldn’t happen. “They’re pixel-huggers,” they said, “it’d be like playing baseball against a bunch of braindead kids in wheelchairs!” Well alright, we said, we don’t have to play them. We’ll stick to their friends. But then we watched their games, and the “fine folks” at TFP aren’t playing very clean. Ghosting! Hiding money! Accepting war dodgers! Breaking Deals! This, this we cannot stand for. You’ve had your three strikes TFP, and you know what that means? You’re out. Now we could get the umps involved, but we like to settle things the old-fashioned way, right out there on the diamond. This one is going to go to all nine innings, I’d say. Batter up! Play ball! Pictured: First-at-bat Pre about to knock one right outta the park. tl;dr: Coalition A recognizes hostilities with TFP
  13. So, now that the war has reached 70 days in length and become the longest in history, some things need to change. As we all know, the skill and warfighting potential of an alliance is determined by the length of the wars they fight. Basically, I'm the best now, and we need to recognize that. @Buorhann It's time man, I'll be awaiting the transfer.
  14. I'm so glad you asked! Let's see... A. War stats don't matter and have zero relation to proposing terms B. SK is on the winning side, who usually propose terms in this sort of thing. C. SK are big boys and can propose whatever terms they like, all that matters in the end is whether they're accepted or not. Why are you making a fool out of yourself on behalf on an alliance that booted you to the curb? Smith can't hurt you anymore (probably) bby.
  15. Can confirm, @Mikey is a cruel tyrant who desires nothing more than to crush EMC beneath the iron fist of cinnamon toast crunch. I mean, it's almost like arbitrary war stats have very little to do with any aims or goals alliances might have when choosing what to propose as peace terms. Who would've guessed?
  16. Best War Flag: Acadia Worst Player of the Year: TheNG Worst Alliance Leader of the Year: TheNG Alliance Most Likely to get Rolled in 2019: Acadia Once voting starts, remember to vote for me for Worst Alliance Leader. I've had a great year of disappointing people and not living up to my potential, so a vote for me is a vote well cast!
  17. Anyway, this one's for @The Mad Titan you beautiful bastard you. Happy birthday BK.
  18. You know, Pre, Leo, and Ripper have basically said all that I was going to, so I merely submit this interpretation of our term. Being rolled for being outrageous douchebags is basically all of IQ's wars though ?
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