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  1. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=1722&display=bank The great birds of The Terapin Federation have journeyed long and far on our quest to find the best memes or Orbis. Indeed, after such a long and arduous journey, some among us wondered if we would ever reach the end - the ultimate meme. Tired, we rested in a quiet spot, a peaceful guardian site. Wait, what is this? Money? And food too? Lying unattended, where anyone could take it. An unfortunate soul must've dropped it. Well, a stroke of luck! Our journey can continue, freshly fed and funded! Thank you, kind stranger, for your donation to the Build NG New Cities Fund!
  2. If it makes you feel any better, I was crying the whole time too.
  3. Fark is hegemony-approved! We like Fark. Also, we somberly present the last recorded image from tS HQ seconds before they all died:
  4. Yes, this seems like a good and wise solution.
  5. Well, I can neither confirm nor deny that she was involved, but as a neutral third party I'm sure she'd be happy to hold on to the money and resources until the crisis sorts itself out. They can be sent to me, and I'll transfer it on of course.
  6. TheNG


    That's true, I would never want to imply that BoC sucks as badly as NP. Thanks for the reminder! ?
  7. TheNG


    I was thinking of a slightly different metaphor actually, think of BoC as the North Point of Coalition B. ? Enjoy the rebuild Dusty!
  8. I forgot he changed that a few days before the war started, you're right. Still, that metaphor assumes that Alex would ever actually be helpful, and we've both played the game long enough to know about that. Also obligatory pirates mad (x24). Arrgh just couldn't stand up to Clarke's incredible power and had to get Parti to bail them out 3 months later ?
  9. Nothing, unless Zim started making the comic two or three years ago lol. Really the funniest part about the comic is the implication that we actually have anything worth stealing, it's very refreshing. Edit: Friendly reminder that TC is still the only group of AAs that ever got Arrgh to surrender in a war ?
  10. I mean, he did kind of have a point. Until someone sees me and Hitler in the same room, there is a chance that I could in fact be Hitler. That’s a chance Kosmo couldn’t afford to take.
  11. The mere fact that people still whine and complain about the hard fought victory two years after the fact is reason enough to keep playing this godforsaken game. We must never forget the world's greatest peace term.
  12. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=623 https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=6060 I pledge my allegiance to the flag of the Leopold von Habsburg By the Old Chins and New With liberty and justice for all. Don't bang your siblings, kids.
  13. Haha of course not, we're all very safe and happy here in the not-IQ coalition of dreams and happy fun times. I'm sweating profusely and twitching because it's hot in here. But since you have the nerve to criticize NPO, I'll be the first to say I was deeply sorry to hear about your imminent suicide via two bullets to the back of the head. No one could've expected it. Hail Roq! Hail NPO!
  14. Me driving Pre insane in negotiations aside, thanks to Yarr for being good sports in the war, and best of luck in the rebuild!
  15. A quickie, but whipped up in honor of our cheating comrades in GoB. Best of luck to the rest of your bank!
  16. This one is for is for @Shadowthrone and his novel
  17. Looks like everyone beat me to responding to this nonsense, but whatever. Nice backtracking, stay terrified of NPO and their "scare tactics" lmao
  18. "New players joining the game is great except when they join NPO." Who would've guessed all the high and mighty rhetoric about "game health" goes away when people join alliances you don't like. ?
  19. Achievement Name: Maybe Next Time Achievement Description (how to unlock): Lose five wars. Achievement Name: It's just the Meta Achievement Description (how to unlock): Lose 10 wars. Achievement Name: I can do this all day! Achievement Description (how to unlock): Lose 25 wars. Achievement Name: Beige Baiter Achievement Description (how to unlock): Lose 50 wars. Achievement Name: NG Incarnate Achievement Description (how to unlock): Lose 100 wars.
  20. Of course not, NPO wanted the cool enemy bloc to look their way. Not pictured in this image is KETOG crying even further back ?
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