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  1. Great job guys! glad to be working with you
  2. Refreshing to see some change! Congrats guys!
  3. Don’t get it twisted, almost no one is going to see this as a white peace. Most will see it as swamp letting you guys have peace because you “the leader” refused basic demands and we’re willing to keep your micro at war for your own ego. Essentially yet again destroying ANOTHER one of your alliances basically swamp got bored and let you go
  4. Very nice of you, congrats on the win
  5. Uh what? I'm surprised anyone likes this update... Wars might as well last one day now, whoever fights and wins day one, wins the war. Since nations and alliances no longer need to practice discipline of beiging a nation, people can now just zero someone out, send resistance to 0 and re-slot instantly. HOORAY no more strategy required.
  6. Actuallllllllly was more wondering who Void Touched is
  7. Congrats on the leadership changes and good luck
  8. Arthur was replying to a post specifically asking him a outright question, and he gave a honest answer. Never once did we claim to be victims, whats presented is his reasoning for his actions at the time. I believe you are correct, however this is the underwritten message of many posts ive / aero / arthur made, so i apologize if it was not transparent enough. However I can say with certainty Camelot does not support the actions IQ took, and we are sorry for having been any part of it I actually disagree, denouncing their actions isnt a apology, Camelot was apart of the colo that did act with no morals and caused many people to quit, and simply posting a denouncement would be a dis-service to you, our members, the people who were forced out and every other community member. Arthur posted the apology because he does regret being part of the colo that allowed BK / NPO to war for 8 months and force many people out. The alliance is working hard on repairing broken trust and relations with everyone and I truly hope you will see that soon. From my understanding NPO ect were already mad they refused to peace, so I believe hes referring to peacing out, however I can ask Arthur for deeper clarification if you would like.
  9. Out of respect To t$ I will tell you this is incorrect, when Partisan said he would be willing to speak to us so we can discuss this, he did so in good faith. Ive seen reached out and plan to continue to as time goes on.
  10. Thanks for displaying Arthurs ability to act rational and compromise?
  11. I do want to interject here Patrick is no longer a member or Representative of Camelot. In fact he is one of the few that did not embrace the changes and adjustments we have made over the last three months and left.
  12. Sorry for the late reply, got informed ill be returning to work next week so had to get everything arranged. I appreciate the canned response from you and T$, our relationship has certainly been strained since even before the war, mostly in-part due to our actions. Myself or Arthur will reach out soon so we can begin discussing these issues and hopefully begin the process of moving forward. In addition we have spoken to Epi again regarding the way he presents himself and the alliance's opinion of the events that have happened and moving forward we believe there will be no more confusion that we do not support the negative actions of IQ. Looking forward to talking to you soon
  13. Feel free to reach out to me on discord Azazel#3606 Like i said I am not sure what comments he made specifically but id be happy to discuss your concerns and hopefully quell atleast some of them. I believe we have made a huge amount of progress in the three months since the war, some things may come slower, but they are happening for sure
  14. He can certainly put his foot in his mouth often, but with that said Epi has been changing and adopting our changes, admittedly slower than others but the change is happening. Like i said, this isnt a overnight process, it will take time. Id be grateful if you give us and out 2IC some time to adopt our principles
  15. While Camelot was powerless to end the war alone, at the time we did choose to support our ally that had already exited the war. In hindsight we shouldn't have allowed that minor skirmish to derail the plan to end the war and should have looked at other ways to end that peacefully
  16. For sure, however the point here was not to explain the BK pov or drama, but more so of Camelots, while a "open secrete" to most, the validation of information is what had the impact. I personally am not fully aware of the situations that occurred between Cam and T$ and im sure your dislike of Camelot was founded. Not side sweeping at all, im more than happy to have this open discussion with you Certainly, we made a lot of mistakes, there is no doubting that. This behavior is something we are trying to correct moving forward and I hope we can prove ourselfs as changed.
  17. I understand where you are coming from for sure, the reason I provided context here is merely for the ability for others to see the mindset and some of the reasoning certain decisions were made. I think context and providing as much information as we can is important to moving forward and making sure mistakes like this are never made again
  18. Not the point at all, as i explained this decision was definitely made in error. At the time emotions were heated and a decision we consider a mistake was made, its not sopmthing we can change or fix. I merely added this section to outline what caused us backing out of that agreement, regardless of it being the correct decision or not
  19. Sorry to hear you feel that way, Camelot really has been working hard on changing our image and inner workings over the last three months. There have been setbacks for sure and more mistakes made. This is a new world for a lot of members and the government of Camelot, and the change wont happen overnight. While I am not sure what you are referencing, I do not doubt it occurred. Camelot is undergoing an entire culture shift and some people will take a bit longer to adopt the new ideals and fundamentals of the alliance. With that, regardless of your opinion, we ask that you please keep a open mind and allow us to prove ourselves, even when we may stumble from time to time. We hope our actions and determination will be something that could attest to our commitment to what Arthur wrote. And if you find something that doesn't sit well with you, then I really encourage you to talk to us about it.
  20. So after reading through, I find it interesting how much people forget or omit about this situation, espec regarding Camelot. Firstly I think everyone is trying to remember Camelot as it is now, in the war Camelot had little to no sway, was omitted from the major channels for a large portion of the war and for a decent portion was in the mid to lower 20s as far as alliances go. In fact it was common knowledge that goons wanted to roll Camelot but BK was stopping them. Second is that Camelot was involved for a period of time in a plot to end the war, with the plan being standing up with several other IQ alliances and demanding that IQ end the war. However this was stopped by tCW changing sides and North Point hitting a Camelot protectorate. I think objectively at that point not wanting to aid the people who just hit your protectorate, who refused to pay reasonable reps to de-escalate, is a reasonable thought. In hindsight it was a bad decision, considering the theft of NP bank and Epi’s involvement, however this is wrong and we are correcting our past mistakes with payments to them. Next people overlook the continued behind closed door actions people took during the war, for example when IQ refused to give out terms for weeks stalling the talks, myself and Epi leaked the entirety of them to kev and or Pika in a voice call to try to help get the convo started. Not to mention countless other calls with members of that coalition where we openly were against the war. So is Camelot guilty of some stuff? for sure, we do not think we're innocent of all guilt. Early on Camelot was definitely a catalyst, Epi ran around defending IQ. At the time NPO informed them T$ and others have asked to roll Camelot so really Camelot felt it was not really left with any alternatives. However post war Camelot has rearranged the internals almost entirely, with a good amount of help from people in Rose and were truly thankful. Sure we have had our “spats” here overall Camelot is not the same alliance, we share none of the old goals of IQ and are trying to prove to the rest of the community as such. So on that note, we do apologize for the actions we took and we take full responsibility for them, however we ask the community around us to give us a chance to reinvent ourselves before you make your final decision on us. Grudges are what led to GW14, the continued bitterness between TKR / BK, the grudges and refusal (mostly on bks part) to actually discuss issues and so on. Camelot wants nothing more than to fix itself, its image and help our allies where we can. If anyone has question, i'm always willing to take DMS or you can message Aero as well
  21. Oddly enough you bullied other people enough to force yourself out
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