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  1. 🥱 Man if only we had a special section of the forums for these posts other than the alliance announcements section
  2. 😭 who knew this day would every come? Anyways good luck to both parties
  3. Shit he's on to us! SHH giving away the master plan like that *This is a joke, Camelot is not entering on any side
  4. Hey good on yall, when we hit for the treasure we figured you would not do anything, im actually glad you did. Hope ya'll have some fun and im sure our members will aswell
  5. CAT ASMR was registered as a trademark by Epimethus who created the trade marked brand name while in forced employment for Camelot and henceforth is owned in part by Camelot. In order to use the trademarked name please transfer 25 million to the alliance Camelot in politicsandwar.com also known as alliance 4937 by 20:00:00 6/17/2021 game time. but on a serious note; congrats guys and good luck!
  6. I am pleased in general with the conduct of all alliances on both sides, been great to fight with / against you. Enjoy peace and rebuild
  7. Alright, as i said prior, I will give TKR this. Your approach to us to us post war was much more respectful than many others. On that note, Camelot wanted to move away from the whole goofy / silly identity. Our prior relations with TKR was mostly between you and Arthur, which ended when you entered a period of inactivity. Secondly, I am the head of FA, anytime something happens I get pinged and asked to deal with it. I can assure you I was not unilaterally making decisions or setting policy. I think your claim that we're pursuing "zero-sum realpolitik" is a complete misrepresentation and frankly absurd. You consistently claim every request we make is unreasonable, regardless of the range of issues or our justification. We came to you with a few issues that could have easily been solved with a few words from TKR to its protectorates. One request was the bank (which was returned), the other was for them to stop mass-messaging members in an attempt to poach and accusing our government of cheating which poses an existential threat to any alliance. I struggle to see where that's unreasonable and furthermore if that had happened to any other alliance in the game's history it would have immediately resulted in war. Once again, I think you are decrying what any other alliance would consider reasonable. We asked for our bank back and it was provided, at least the majority of it and we did not really press the small stuff too much. I actually had to go back and find what you were referring to about the raids. After looking back at the chat logs it concerned a hit on our offshore, we responded in force as any alliance would and we were asked to peace since it was a mistake... even after your member admitted he knew the risk in doing so. We reversed our position when we discussed the issue in more detail and decide it was not a battle worth fighting, it had nothing to do with damages. Afterwards, we modified our security-policies and abandoned 'strike first' for over a year. So once again, I'm left here wondering what insane request we ever made of TKR. We may have a more reactionary posture but that's it. Once again I'll reiterate, yes upper tier consolidation is a concern of ours. If you cannot see how this will effect our growth and potential security you are completely missing the point. Not to mention the formation of yet another mega sphere right after the other disbanded is reversing the progress we made towards mini-spheres. Honestly, I'm starting to believe you are looking for excuses to set relations back. I'll be honest here, you posted this while I was replying to Cooper and it stopped me dead in my tracks. It is certainly not the opinion I hold or by that fact the majority of the government at this time. However, it does go to show my earlier point that our government was not pleased during our discussions on the issue, and at that time formed some uncouth and harsh opinions with the information they had at the time. And to further my point to Cooper regarding what he perceives as "my opinion" of TKR: I was one of two government members who argued against openly attacking your protectorate at the time (even tho it was known to result in a total loss). Since I knew it would cement negative relations for the foreseeable future. At this time I'm not sure who posted that on our wiki and I am making an attempt to figure it out. Regardless, it has since been removed.
  8. This statement is so far from the truth its actually laughable. I will give TKR this, you were willing to have conversations with us post war when others were not. However, my stance towards TKR is completely different now than all that time ago, in-fact I'm one of the government members in Camelot who has been routinely in favour of working on relations, when many others just see you as an overtly hostile threat. I personally went out of my way to explain our concerns to you when a lot of the government was opposed to even talking to you after the last incident. That's because I truly believe there was a serious lack of communication on our part and I had to do a lot of convincing. TKR and Camelot have been long time adversaries and its not something that fixes itself overnight. We had actually made some progress until the recent two issues came to light. Edit: On that note I believe it was stated in our embassy not to long ago, it takes all parties to work past things, Camelot has our part of the blame for how some things occurred but there is blame to go around. I really don't know how to get through to ya'll, we outlined our actual CB, if you choose to not believe it then so be it.
  9. P.S Forums being dumb, cant get bold to turn off
  10. Alrighty Ima take a moment to break this “silence” and point out a few key issues I’ve seen as a “general” political stance from our friends in TKR. I really find your lack of self-awareness concerning. Rather than look at the facts, you have gone out of your way to manufacture reasons Camelot went to war with you. To clear this up Camelot did not have any idea that Oasis was going to hit only HM. In fact, that surprised us and left us with only one potential target (you). You were never considered to be a primary target of ours until you decided to link up with HM. We had other ambitions in mind and TKR was only in the back of our minds. Sure, we have had our disputes of late, and disagree with how they were handled, however for the most part we moved on. The only large concern we carried with us was your continued narrative of “IQ times” which we clearly told you. Camelot cancelled out of the larger bloc we were part of as soon as we saw the Quack cancelation go live, we committed ourselves to mini-spheres and we were made to believe you did as well. In fact, we took what we considered a huge risk, it is no secret that there are a few alliances left split between spheres that hate us. Have you noticed how only a few people are rooting your “Cam IQ'' narrative on? Have you taken a moment to realize that people are moving on, and Cam has changed. The worst part of all of it is you took what essentially is the games equivalent to Hitler and dumbed it down to a meaningless narrative, now if the game ever needs to use that narrative in the future, you made it worthless and hold no value. Camelot is nothing like IQ. No matter how many times you yell it until your face turns blue. On that note I would stop throwing stone from your glass houses TKR…. Finally, to sum this up, let us not forget you created yet another mega sphere with upper tier consolidation, please do everyone a favour. Drop the act and own it. You created this sphere and did not anticipate the game's reaction, you miscalculated. That is your mistake to bear, no amount of false narrative building is going to fix that. Now back to my slumber of ignoring the forums during war (because talking to my self is boring)
  11. A Camelot, Aurora, Weebinism Declaration Sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends! On 5/24/2021 at 7:50pm EST Camelot, Aurora & Weebinism hereby declare war on The Knights Radiant. Initially we had a far different target in mind during our militarization (DO YOU LIKE MILITARY? Today's war is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends, one of the biggest mobile role-playing games of 2019 and it's totally free! Currently almost 10 million users have joined Raid over the last six months, and it's one of the most impressive games in its class with detailed models, environments and smooth 60 frames per second animations! All the champions in the game can be customized with unique gear that changes your strategic buffs and abilities! The dungeon bosses have some ridiculous skills of their own and figuring out the perfect party and strategy to overtake them's a lot of fun! Currently with over 300,000 reviews, Raid has almost a perfect score on the Play Store! The community is growing fast and the highly anticipated new faction wars feature is now live, you might even find my squad out there in the arena! It's easier to start now than ever with rates program for new players you get a new daily login reward for the first 90 days that you play in the game! So what are you waiting for? Go to the video description, click on the special links and you'll get 50,000 silver and a free epic champion as part of the new player program to start your journey! Good luck and I'll see you there!) However, TKR & HM decided to team together to hit Rose, the more we discussed it, the more concerned and displeased we became, the consolidation of the upper tier can not be allowed.
  12. A Camelot Cancelation Chapter Oasis On 5/19/2021 at 10pm EST Camelot has issued our 72hr notice of cancellation to Oasis. There are no bad feelings, or sour reasons for this, it has always been the plan to downsize Oasis in the event of Quack downsizing. I want to thank everyone in Oasis for welcoming us in and being great allies (even if just for a short period), we wish you all the best moving forward. On to the next chapter ;)!
  13. Glad to be working w/ yall
  14. Azazel

    Poker Time

    Nah its called Poker
  15. Hey Everyone who may care, (Yes the ad is outdated from a time long long ago) Im looking to bring back a poker server that was used actively for almost a year 3 years ago, it was widely successful with some making a few billion in profit and some loosing money. In the end it was just a great time where people from every sphere sat in a vc, played cards and made friends. I think its time we bring back some community events like that. So with that said ORBIS POKER IS BACK, looking to host our first game this weekend, date will be announced on our server. Join below Rules: 1. Have fun 2. Keep PnW politics and a minimum to keep the game fun and not political 3. Dont be a [email protected]#$ Discord link here: https://discord.gg/XhasaV4jc3
  16. We never banned him, he left randomly without notice one day so basically you are This actually caused quite a bit of arguments internally. However in the end we decided not allowing Epi to return to the alliance that he helped build up brick by brick would be unfair and down right wrong. With that said Epi had to make a few promises in order to be allowed to return and we are looking forward to the future
  17. Declaration of Wonder From the producers of Guinea Pigs Gone Wild, a bountiful Scottish Kingdom and Epi in the city. We present the anniversary of Camelot and Gentlemen Gaming and Fisticuff Union's successful merger. In the past year we have discovered new friends, rivals and ambitions. Our time at peace has finally exceeded our time at war. And by next month we will have been in CAT ASMR for longer than we were a peripheral of the Inquisition. Accomplishments We established our first charter and refined our government structure. After three years… three long years… one of our protectorates finally got upgraded. Veins and Eumir gifted us a lifetime supply of salt We survived (so far 😨)! Despite many people’s expectations and desires. And as per his request given this post will be seen by many, Sweden’s nation description. // Signed // 👑 King: Arthur 🦊 Merlin: Uriah 🧙 Lancelot: Viselli 🦅 Archduke of Foreign Affairs: Azazel 🦅 Archduke of Internal Affairs: Random & Hatebi 🦅 Archduke of Economics Affairs: Alphalion 🦅 Archduke of Military Affairs: The Ghost of Sweden Ball 🐲 One of our members who demanded to be on this post: Epimetheus
  18. Interesting.... you fail to realize that motivations and narratives can actually be true and different for both warring parties. Meaning it's simply what side you are on that will decide who's narriative is "right". Not really sure what happened to you beside consistent posting that upset your alliance government, I don't agree with forcing members to stay quite or push then to post a certain viewpoint however I also don't blame them. Once again truth is completely subjective to who you are and what side you support. It's my understanding that multiple people have tried to explain the war to you, it's basically on you at this point if you have not formulated a decisive point of view But more so on point, the upvotes do not mean you have a following, they mean someone was able to relate to what you said or agree on that specific post. The forums are a captive audience simply due to the fact it's a public forum where opinions and viewpoints for major alliances and events are shared. The fact you have so many more downvotes should be a sign you are not exactly posting anything of substance or anything of value
  19. Over the last 10 months Orbis has enjoyed relative peace with only short or small wars occurring. However Quack-Sphere’s unparalleled power and growth has not gone unnoticed. Acknowledging the fact that Quack shows no signs of breaking and dismantling the hegemonic power they created, a kind of power they had both claimed to hate prior, Camelot has been put in a position where we feel we have no choice but to bring forth our Kingdom’s Complaints and Grievances. Complaints and Grievances. Quack’s existence as a hegemonic power, showing no signs of relenting their stranglehold of the game's politics. Eclipse’s many pronged campaign against us Sweden Ball wants Quack’s rubber ducky Planes go brrrrrrrr Camelot formally declares war against Quack Sphere for the above Grievances and Complaints / Signed / 👑 King: Arthur 🧝‍♀️ Morgana: Epimetheus 🦊 Merlin: Uriah 🧙 Lancelot: Viselli 🦅 Archduke – Diplomacy: Azazel & Aero 🦅 Archduke – MILCOM: Sweden Ball TL;DR: Once we fought with a hegemonic power, today we atone and unite against one
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