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  1. Nexa

    The couping of Sirius

    Damn. I missed profession for bank heists 😢
  2. Nexa

    Special victims unit.

    I am victim too 😄
  3. Nexa

    Dobby and Herastin's wedding

    Asking myself that ...
  4. Damn its gonna be long wait
  5. Piggy on the list but not me ?
  6. Nexa

    Into the Sunset

    The king is dead, long live the king!
  7. Nexa

    Close War Mechanics

    You could nicely ask alex to delete arrgh?
  8. Nexa

    Suggestion regarding nuke damage

    800 infra nukes in defensive wars are ....Just make that defenders always do full infra dmg.
  9. Nexa

    Spartan Kick

    But you gotta love those nukes doing 800 infra dmg xD That screams "balance"
  10. Nexa

    Spartan Kick

    But he is still selling them so kudos to him
  11. Nexa

    Spartan Kick

    If i destroyed 865 infra with nuke i would hide that fact ... O.o
  12. Nexa

    No Gods. No Masters.

    Challenge accepted. Infra here i come!
  13. Nexa

    New Year - New Arrgh

    Dragon/Sex , pick one!
  14. Nexa

    New things tested

    So first you make different kind of wars because tears and that sweet infra destroyed.Where you can chose that you go for infra dmg or loot. Then you further nerf the loot we get from them, and change fortify so we cant escape beige. Wouldnt it be easier just to delete wars or Arrgh?
  15. Checked his nation.He didnt fight, didnt build cities.What was he doing for 700 days?

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