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  1. So I got rolled, got my spies cleared out, used majority of wc in "training war" ? I sometimes wonder with what Roq is feeding you there?
  2. Totally normal growth, nothing to see here.
  3. Doesn't delete all cities/projects that NR gov built with the help of exploit. Bans Blink?
  4. Nexa

    Surf's Up

    To nuke some random KT nation. 😎
  5. Soup attacked numerically superior enemy and are rolling them. They did the talk and the walk. Will you do the same? Or just hide your pixels?
  6. One belt ain't enough...
  7. I feel like cost of military units in resources needs to double at least. Maybe even add maintenance to military improvements.
  8. Errmm I hope that you will fly better than Boeing lately.
  9. Be walking salt mine and wonder why you are downvoted?
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