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  1. So i said people are in range of whales but i guess you ignored what i said there and it is possible to burn the others infra, you just gotta well have something to actually burn it with. what i was saying before was it doesn’t make sense for someone with virtually no military to attack someone with max military or to give the player with nothing the ability to attack those with say 4k infra while they have only like 500 infra and a nuclear research facility. It just doesn’t seem fair in any case. you choose not to invest anything into your nation but wish for the ability to destroy everything others have invested in theirs at little to no cost to yourself.
  2. Plenty of people can target whales, they just don't because of treaties and having a partially militarized c35 with no infra hitting a fully militarized c35 with high infra doesn't make sense. The low infra c35 has nothing to lose if they play right while the fully militarized one has everything to lose. it makes sense to keep those 2 separated some and let others with similar compositions hit each other so it's more even.
  3. So i was scrolling through newly created nations, commending or denouncing them here and there because i have nothing better to do and i saw this new nation that i don’t think i’ve seen before that’s apparently already commended by me but their nation activity log displays no commendations ever occurring. I then went to their trade activity to see if there was anything odd there and they had trades dating back as far as October 11th when the game says they were created today on November 22nd. Not exactly sure what’s going on here but i figured it’s probably something Alex should look into. Player’s Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=234342
  4. Nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=254506 Nation has the F word in its name
  5. So i’ve come up with a few suggestions for the commend and denouncements system after seeing it go into affect for the past 24 hours(and witnessing Alex purge all my commendations at midnight lol) It would be great to add the option to remove notifications for commends and denouncements in settings. This would help those that don’t like seeing 50+ notifications appear overnight only to find out it’s for a cosmetic thing they may not care about. Second, remove Denouncements and Commendations from the nation activity log and add a page similar to the embargos page to show when they happen instead. While it is nice to be able to see them happen in nation activity logs, keeping them there will only produce negative effects. it will make the jobs for alliances’ gov departments harder or less efficient with commends and denouncements being able to easily cover up more vital nation activity stats like when war declarations happen or when they leave/join an alliance. TLDR: Give option to remove commend/denounce from notifications and instead of having them appear in nation activity log they appear in a new page similar to the embargo’s page.
  6. Nation link https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=254362 His one city has the N word in its name and his flag is the Nazi flag
  7. Short Description During wars it will become possible for players to steal a small percentage of land held by the other player during ground attacks. How it would work If a ground attack is successful then land would be taken from the city with the highest amount of land on the opposing side and be given to whichever one of your cities have the least amount of land. The amount stolen would probably be between 1-3% of a city’s land for each ground attack depending on certain criteria like troop count, war type, etc. These numbers should be a small enough amount stolen where it would be hard to abuse the mechanic effectively while still providing a reward for the victor. These numbers could change and i don’t expect them to stay the same after feedback. Benefits It would add a little more realism to the game as territory control shouldn’t be static in wars. It may also deter pirates or others being countered heavily from investing all of their money into land when they get blockaded. Tldr: Steal some land in wars
  8. Ah i see. I must of missed it somehow. Thanks for the help.
  9. If it had sold then why haven’t i received any money from it? It also would appear on trade activity if it did but it doesn’t.
  10. I put this one the discord and thought i should probably report it here as well. I was selling 4038 oil on the global market overnight. I logged on in the morning to see oil prices had dropped by a large amount so i went to make a new trade offer and noticed the game said i had no oil on the resources tab yet the trade still existed, no one bought my oil, and i don’t use oil for anything besides selling it in the market. I removed the trade offer and my oil vanished from the game.
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