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  1. Well, this was certainly something else. But as far as political discussions went, this seemed relatively tame in comparison. He watched the political individual walk around and take sights of his home country. He smiled as he appreciated the CFAOs admiration and opened his ears and mind to her proposal. "Ah, well, you speak of grand campaigns far beyond China at this moment. There will be a lot of rebuilding, and that is only after the civil war has been announced as being closed. However, and please correct me if I am not understanding this correctly - are you requesting.... Military Access, Trade Agreements, and Permission from China for Space Administration and Expeditions? We can provide all of this without issue, though we would request assistance in advancement of space-related technology; such as shuttles and space stations. Only so that we can also defend ourselves if such an enemy ...foreign or ...beyond comes. As well this... stairway to heaven, perhaps a metaphor of some kind? Well, should the resources and materials and proper combination be found, we could provide a workforce to construct such a... space elevator, if that is what you are thinking!"
  2. Li Yang took no offense, assuring the diplomatic persons that all was fine, in fact Li Yang wanted to make sure they hadn't taken offense. Even though the Bao Dynasty had airports and a coast, they still felt quite landlocked, so they prioritized internal stability. After entering the vehicles, the diplomats of Mog[Corp] were treated well, with a stable as possible vehicle ride, and offered drinks. Just because they were in a civil war didn't mean they couldn't have a nice selection to greet diplomats with! Eventually the long stretch of road in the city came to a local administrative building where the vehicles were parked. As the diplomats exited they could see once more the makeshift military defenses to harden the security of the building, with military patrols all around while gunshots can be heard in the distance. Li Yang came over to the diplomats vehicles and directed them to the building, "I am sure you have questions for us, I hope it is alright that we have questions, too. Oh, please forgive me, may I have your name?" He asked as he walked side by side with the forward diplomat attempting to show equality as they entered. The idle chit chat would continue until they came to an office, being greeted by the local employees all the way. Their weapons were not touch or spoken of the entire way, permitting their security. Li Yang entered the office after offering the first entrance by the diplomats before sitting down on a couch; there were two, facing each other at one end of the office room. The other end having what can only be presumed as Li Yangs office desk, "please, have a seat, speak freely."
  3. Li Yang shook his head, "no, no, I apologize, perhaps I do not speak as well! You only need to remove your weapons in the presence of the Empress, you are free to carry your weapons with you should you just converse with me." He nodded, moving to the side and extending his arm to the second SUV behind the first, "you and your people may use the second SUV for your privacy, myself and my people will ride in the forward SUV. They are bullet proof, and we will be escorted to the office building, I promise your security is just as important as ours!" While the plane would not be offered free fuel, the price of fuel wouldn't be overpriced, and the aircraft would be permitted to take as much as needed for refueling. Local ground crew could also assist with any necessary supplies needed by the aircraft crew or the aircraft itself, such as maintenance. The airport was guarded at all times, similar to any military airport or fort, but the defenses were makeshift, showing the airport wasn't a military airport.
  4. The escort fighters caught up with the diplomatic plane, proceeding to direct them to the airport where they were to land. On the way, there was few and far between anti-air fire, but it was taken care of either by the escorting aircraft doing strafing runs, or nearby military facilities firing artillery or sending out their own close air support craft. At one point one of the fighters even flew in a position to shield the diplomatic aircraft from machine gun fire below. Once arriving, they were greeting by a full military entourage. This was a civilian airport, but it seemed the Bao Dynasty was under full martial law for the time being. A few dark colored SUV's pulled up and made the military personnel spread out or be dismissed, with three suits walking out. One of the men stepped forward, giving a slight bow and then extending his hand, "greetings, I am Li Yang. You may call me Mister Li, or if it makes it easier, please call me Mister Yanci, or Yanci is just fine. I am one of a few advisors to the Empress Lady Bao, please... let me welcome you to China." Li would pause, waiting to hear the response from the leader of this diplomatic group before finishing, "you may either speak to me or request an audience with Lady Bao herself, either way she will not take offense, the only issue is that you will be required to relinquish your weapons when you enter the Administrative Office of Lady Bao. There is a strictly no weapons of any kind permitted in the building, even by her own guard. But, I assure you, the choice is yours," he smiles.
  5. As soon as information was given towards the location the 'MoG[Corp]' aircraft would be entering from, two fighter jets not of Communist Chinese design would be launched toward the incoming aircraft. Both the jets and and the airbase HQ would radio to the aircraft announcing they were enroute but not hostile. Bao Dynasty wanted to ensure safety to any diplomats coming into the country while they were still dealing with hostilities within their own nation and unknown forces surrounding the entire country. "This is Kunming Military Airbase to MoG[Corp] diplomatic aircraft, we are advising you to accept our escort not as detainment but as protection. Should you need fuel at any time, request and we will alert our bases to your arrival. We request you make your way to Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, as our leader will be meeting you in Anyang. Transport will be provided, thank you."
  6. As far as the flotilla could tell, it seemed the new Chinese government didn't attempt the same claims as the CCP did in the South China Sea, however the man-made islands could still be controlled by the warlord government and the flotilla should take heed. The encrypted message that was sent to the Bao government reached Lady Baos ears, and it made her happy. recognition of their existence was great enough. A response was attempted back to the sending frequency stating any non-CCP painted aircraft - IFF or visual designs - would be able to fly through the Bao Dynasty airspace, but it was urged to be careful. The Communist Warlord government was still at war with the Bao Dynasty and other entities, and its supporters were up in arms as the region was still rife with infighting and trouble. Lady Bao requested to know from what location the aircraft would come in so they could find it and escort it, just in case.
  7. The capital if Yin was was merely an excavation site with some remnants, though Lady Bao had her eyes set on the kind of capital that wouldn't be as massive as Chang'an palace. The city of Yin would be planned as the throne, or the 'seat of power' for the Dynasty, while Chang'an palace would be planned to be the government center for the future Han Republic. Bao wanted something small and simple, more old style for a very young dynasty in the early times of China for Yin. Since the Bao Dynasty had majority control over China from the CCP, they were finally able to start construction. However, even though the fight was pushed into the west, they were still dealing with unrest. The indoctrination of some of the population that the Communist Warlords had put them under still lingered and caused resistance to the Bao Dynasty. Unfortunately, the local Lords did not make it any easier on them. Nearly half of the forces under Lady Baos direct authority were ordered to retrieve supplies from the lands. The mines and wells that were re-opened were mostly under the control of local Lords, but the Bao Dynasty did now control two entire provinces. Still, she had to work with other lords since she wouldn't be able to get all the resources needed, and those skilled with construction equipment weren't often under her direct control. This was leading to supply lines a mess and being scattered due to the local unrest, acts of terror were also occurring all over Bao Dynasty-controlled China and it was slowing things down incredibly. With the looming threat from the north, something had to be down to wrestle control over the lands as soon as possible, but it was not something she ever wanted to do. Construction was halted on the new capital of Yin as she made her decree. When the war began, it was agreed that any member of CCP government would be executed immediately, as the Bao Dynasty did not have full control over prisons or any justice system, both institutions heavily flawed and abused by the CCP. But now she had to put the same to those who were not within the CCP government. "It is with a heavy heart, that I must decree any person committing acts of treason against the Bao Dynasty or the family's local lords will be sentenced to immediate execution. Any person found in collaboration or possible collaboration with the Communist China Party, or those in support of said party, will be forcefully invested. If evidence is found of their collaboration, then their sentence is execution. Just as the CCP is sentenced, there will be no court held for those found. This decree shall stand until the Han Republic is formed." Lady Bao proceeded to form the Wangchao Jingcha (Dynasty Police), a secret police which held only loyalty to the Bao Dynasty, and would carry out these investigations and executions.
  8. Bao Dynasty Capital: Yin Population: 912,246,667 Bao Dynasty Army 85,000 soldiers - $25,500,000,000 3750 AT soldiers - $1,500,000,000 1500 Armor - $15,000,000,000 800 Artillery - $4,000,000,000 800 Anti-Air - $4,000,000,000 Total: $50,000,000,000 Bao Dynasty Air Force 500 Jets - $25,00,000,000 Total: $25,000,000 Bao Dynasty Navy 6 Cruisers - $75,000,000,000 8 Frigates - $60,000,000,000 10 Corvettes - $40,000,000,000 Total: $175,000,000,000 Grand Total: $250,000,000,000
  9. Hey, not sure what the discord is or what the OOC forum is, but I noticed Eva-Beatrice is having a demon/vampire war in and around China/PRC. Instead of breaking your roleplay, I'd like to work with you and maybe collab if you're okay with that. Let me know and I can start doing posts. With these creatures on our borders, we would be willing to give you military access and support you, but I doubt we have the same equipment. I think the minimum is about 2010? Yeah, probably using a lot of equipment from their with the destabilization of China before we start centralizing and stabilizing again. Thanks!
  10. With the CCP destabilizing due to the invasion from the north, this opened up opportunities as time went on while the CCP lost its stranglehold over the land. Warlords began cropping out of the wood work as communications became a mess. Local military leaders and national guards took up arms as best they could to protect the land, but with the ensuing invasion and full force authorized, the people were more and more getting forced to govern themselves. With less military and law enforcement, those who were not indoctrinated fought, especially in the far west with the camps. The local kin of Bao was already structured somewhat as a warlord, though it didn't fight for land or resources, merely just trying to hold onto the land it gained and accepting refugees and trades from others. When it allied with another warlord and a locked-down rebellious city, it decided to call upon these allies to tear down the cruel leadership of a local warring tyrant that merely ravaged the lands for goods instead of taking claim, a so-called ex-military general securing arms and supplies. This unified effort caused an alliance that would grow into what is now called the Bao Dynasty of China. Choosing a Feudal System, it gave those in power the choice to keep their power, yet still owing allegiance to the head of the Alliance. The alliance encouraged warlords and those struggling to join under the banner simply for personal gain and protection. They were able to keep their lands, take lands from hostile entities, and be protected by multiple armies. While not originally becoming recognized in the world, only clearing out what was called 'rebels and terrorists' still looking like more of a warlord era with something akin to the 'Northern Expedition,' but this eventually turned into a great unification of the lands. However, the Bao Dynasty was being pressured by their own feudal lords as it seemed they held too much power. In an attempt to show the power is shared among the Feudal Lords and Lady Bao, the new capital would become Zhangde while the Old Capital of Yin was rebuilt and restored since its original discovery, instead of the old capital of the Bao Dynasty. This unification of lands came with a big promise, and with the knowledge of the greater powers controlling most of the northern regions, it was known that a promise had to be real and not hollow, so an expansion into the north was impossible at this time. It was announced that the Three Races Under One Union would be the ultimate goal of the Bao Dynasty, while the idea of a Han Republic would be the 'end goal' for the new, modern world. How that Republic would be established has yet to be discussed. At the head of the Bao Dynasty, Bao Quayan plans to expand into the West, and hopefully come into contacts and negotiations with the new colonial powers that control Chinese Land.
  11. Nation name: Bao Dynasty Official currency: huan qian (huan / Ħ ) Form of government: Feudal System Describe your nation: The Bao Dynasty is a long family line that took action during the lawless and governmentless era that turned the region of China into a nomadic and farming nation without protection of its inhabitants. The Bao Dynasty is merely a family which proclaimed it will re-unite the chinese lands under the Three Races (Han, Hui, and Tibetan), in which the restoration of great China will create a Constitutional Republic called the Han Republic, giving freedom and democracy to the Chinese people. With the current poorly centralized industrial capabilities of the country, they are limited to their external power, either way choosing to work on internal stability. The feudal system allows local leaders or military leaders to centralize local industry and stability while owing fealty to the head of the Bao Dynasty. Politics & War Wikia link (leave blank if you don’t have one): https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=229577 Have you read, and agree to abide by the rules of the map/subforum? (Yes/No): Yes Where on the map do you wish to be located? (Using real-world geography, or a self-provided map): (Attachments) Nation flag link (if you have a specific one you wish to use): (Attachments)
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