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  1. Fair nuff, thanks for being an active admin nonetheless! We do appreciate it even if we seem like ungrateful scum.
  2. That beige change really does alliance wars dirty dawg. Also, gonna go ahead and say no one will ever use the ordinary war feature. People only war for loot or do damage, they won't squat the line between the two.
  3. I think its hilarious u kids talking shit about James. U wouldn't say this shit to him irl, hes jacked, not only that but he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants, and hangs with the hottest !@#$es. Yall are pathetic lol.
  4. It isn't because you have an advantage people want change. It isn't sustainable. Quit putting words in my mouth and learn how to make substantial posts. Two posts in a row now you've done that. I'll just agree to disagree for the sake of my sanity. Go on and be the people's champion, Socrates.
  5. If they didn't spend it in war, then yes they do have an advantage. They aren't still benefiting from it now though, not quite sure how anything I said suggested they are benefiting from something that no longer exists. It's hilarious to me you are so hellbent on this when you are so immensely outvoted on the matter.
  6. I'm saying your opinion carries less weight because youve had literally twice the time to be "fiscally responsible". A handful, sure, but when this new system is the only one certain alliances have existed under then they are disadvantaged. Do you have numbers for what percent of your stockpile is from the 9 months prior to the update and how much is from during? If so, please do tell.
  7. 9 months, exactly half the time as a year and a half. Also, 9 months with the system changing. The year and a half had that much more time with the more lucrative system to save up (then not use it).
  8. I'm almost as mind blown about this as I was when I found out pads go sticky side down.
  9. Another one of Partisan's new projects eh?
  10. Pubstomper


    it appears to be the ruthless of aas, NYC street brawl style
  11. This whole thread is just a real poke to the scrote.
  12. Maybe if he had a real farewell other than trying to get the last laugh at telling people he is better than them it would be a more cordial farewell. Did you actually read his post?
  13. I mean Rose should realistically be considered one of the most influential considering they literally protected tS and WWF (first iteration of TKR) when they joined the game, made of half a sphere of the first global war, and have had been around and in the top alliances politically longer than just about anyone. Guardian was very significant but dropped off the grid for a while and came back strong. I would also argue SK is most influential trying to play some nasty politics and getting caught with their pants down paved the way for the path politics went for about 2 years. It ended the Guardian/SK era and pushed Rose to VE and tS, which quickly resulted in a tSphere vs the others. UPN also was a key card in pushing spheres to be the way that they were not once (TAC war) but twice (Oktoberfest). It's not just an alliance that wins all the time that has to be the most influential, I honestly think UPN has only won one war since the game went live, but they still are high on the list imo. But this whole vote is a meme anyway.
  14. Is this for all time or just modern day geopolitics?
  15. I, for one, think that the split isn't real because if they actually wanted to hurt each other they would have upgraded to an MDAP and hit an alliance they knew was a losing war.
  16. Mad because bad. People told me this game was dying in winter of 2014. It's been 3 years and guess what? It's still here. Also I have spent money on this game and know many others who have as well - you complain about the game dying then discourage donations? That makes no !@#$ing sense. It is with the donations that Alex is able to upgrade his servers and produce new content, the only joke on us is that you were reaping the benefits of the donations that we gave (server upgrades, forum updates, etc.) while you didn't pay anything. Wow how will we recover - got us good. Don't need your type around here. Don't come back.
  17. Please don't include us in any sphere. We are strong independent Roses.
  18. Never trust a rain in a copcoat.

  19. Nice try guy, a few wars were a shit show on Rose's part, but you know who was consistently bad proxy to now? VE. Rose also had seen wild success in war prior to their failures around those times. Take a look at TAC war (giving credit to TAC players all branding into Rose) and Marionette war. VE had seen success in the rolling of GPA with Guardian, SK, and friends in 2015, and when Rose flipped on Guardian and SK the following summer (resulting in paragon coming to fruition between t$, Rose, and VE). However, TAC war was essentially a single effort on "Rose's" part, and Marionette war was a show of SK and Guardian fighting the top tier only, with Rose fighting low, mid, and top tier. The real reason Rose didn't have great war performances before was organizational problems, consistent security problems with leaks, and situational problems that have nothing to do with Rose today. We often would lose in the political chess going on which resulted in a lost war before it even began. Go tell me how many posts you can find of Rose gov shitting on military moves made by other alliances during the time Rose was having poor performances in war. You'll be hard pressed to find any because we knew we needed to improve, there was no denying it. Seeing GoTG gov shit talking when they have yet to prove themselves is not even comparable to the behavior of Rose gov when Rose was in the shitter as well. The reason you see people calling GoTG gov out for talking trash is because they haven't done anything to prove that they are any better. They are in no position to be doing such things and until they prove us all wrong I see no reason to give them the respect of an alliance like BK, TKR, NPO, or any other alliance that actually has had statistical significance in a war in the last year. I do give kudos to Seeker though, seeing as he will admit they did not perform well in Silent. Respect to him for that.
  20. o/ SK I'm glad people are still actually following through on protectorates. For a while it seemed they were more a statement of friendship than anything else.
  21. You guys better watch it, hadesflames and Sylvia will come argue with flawed logic.
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