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  1. I heard TGH has "hit the double digits" for members asking for peace. Can you please share any proof of this so I know who to rogue?
  2. It clearly is since you felt the need to publicly address your own gov here instead of within your own halls.
  3. "Dear Leader ShiningLioness of New Pelorin detonated a nuclear weapon upon your nation of Chemistry. The attack destroyed 715.00 infrastructure in the city of Sulfur as well as a stadium and a steel mill." This is the greatest stat we pad. It's a damn shame you guys are already giving up on conventional warfare, you only hit me with 3 guys when I had a single days worth of planes right after peace was announced in the larger war - still losing your wars.
  4. lol the thread could have gone either way until kastor posted those screenies. For someone preaching at Buorhann to hold members accountable you should really hold yourself accountable as well. *insert spider man pointing to himself meme here*
  5. Pubstomper


    I have disliked you and almost every opinion you have had since day 1, and I still stand by that. Go away pls.
  6. Never specified treaty type. LUL GOOD 1
  7. CoS has a member that they didn't let back in to their in-game alliance because you were concerned about how it would look to have a polarizing character such as himself there. DYNAMISM AT IT'S BEST! Thx Eumir.
  8. 1) Hitting you guys was actually one of the smartest things we did this war. The amount of money we took from you guys quite literally funded our wars against the other people we were fighting. I saw one war arcknox looted over 40m from a single war on you guys. 2) You're right, we don't respect you. We don't respect that when we hit you your response was "well have fun, I won't fight back, nothing I can do." Yet now, you get up on your soapbox and preach about how you are fighting until the bitter end and with dignity. There is no "commitment, integrity, and resilience" in rolling over
  9. Oh man I was worried I was going to be bored for a while. Bless u and your silly decisions
  10. Good one. Really drives the point that you are a piece of shit.
  11. They only did this to be on the war stats page, isn't it obvious?
  12. The only satisfactory solution here is for TCW to annex your alliance into their own.
  13. ITT I see a micro alliance leader that is educated and well spoken. Man, times truly have changed.
  14. Wholesome shitposting like this makes my heart full. Stop it and become shitty people.
  15. I never said it was exciting. I was just some guy lmbo. Why you trying to piss in my Cheerios bruh?
  16. I honestly can’t help but cheer for lolbrok man. The sigs at the bottom were just icing on the cake. - pub, lolbroks biggest fan
  17. I only had one other war on this nation and I was at 9 cities in Rose fighting IQ. Not much to do but get rekt in that one. However, I fought in TAC war, Marionette War, Great VE war, and Proxy war before. I wouldn’t consider myself “war shy”. Dont hate us cause you anus.
  18. If you look at our fronts from the start of the war, and actually pay attention to other things posted by my alliance (logs of us arguing over slots) - then you would see there literally weren’t slots for me to fill until I intentionally sold off all my tanks, soldiers, and ships to fight the ayyyliens. Stay salty little boy.
  19. I will have my revenge, don’t worry. A partisan always has the last laugh.
  20. /me notices Polaris at the bottom of net damages.
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