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  1. And yet practically no one wants to go to war.
  2. I'm not saying you're wrong, however infra is still quite expensive.
  3. Aside from being a CN mechanic, one of the better ones if I might add. Imagine that they did something right with their *dead* game. All the lol's Make infra cheaper to build, or in other words add "peak" infrastructure to the game. But on a serious note plenty of people have suggested this as well as myself and I feel that if Alex wants to make the game better and discourage pixel hugging this is the best way. An example would be if I bought 2k infra on a city and it gets destroyed to a low of 100 you can rebuild it back to 2k for 50% of the cost. Where it normal costs like $14m it'll cost $7m this of course is without the urbanization projects & policy. The only downside I see is pixel huggers will cry and giant behemoth whales will have a huge advantage but It's worth it. I'm curious what the rest of you think about this.
  4. At this point I'm trying to figure out how tall minesome is cuz he's already taller than a Dutch man.
  5. I'm not suggesting adding it, on the contrary I think it would give unnecessary advantage to top tier nations and the game would be in a situation where there'd be a huge "wealth" gap. (Even though there already is a big gap)
  6. Best to add more resources in general rather than add a boring CN like mechanic. Trade circles will just hurt the game imo maybe even more so than a "tech" system being implemented.
  7. Just use Nord VPN so Alex doesn't take your info.
  8. Assuming you play CN NPO is still a thing with a good setup there, great lads and all with strong leadership but kinda makes a point about CN alliances porting over though. But really it's not like recreating NPO over again here would be such a bad idea right?
  9. I don't care about any of this really but I do know that borg is def for tech.
  10. You're getting dangerously close to fascism minesome.
  11. Error Error 404 can't compute Wait did mtn dew imply basebond is dead (in the video)?
  12. Our interactions were very few but I do remember the countless alliances you jumped to and from even though most are just history now they were pretty solid creations/communities so hats off to you lad. Go show the world how creative you are & Goodluck!
  13. KT is corrupt, they don't even keep the pilgrams of God or others safe to the holy land. Just keep burning orbis to the ground as it was written! To quote Churchill "If you're going through hell, keep going"
  14. So turns out they are just a bunch of damned weebs? Basically the same thing but with a body pillow or two.
  15. "Victory is life" huh? Woulda been cooler with "Death is life" get the reference? Congrats on making it official though, try not to get rolled.
  16. All the way from BoC in all that craziness along with dillon & goomy. Respect man! Many will miss your spirit.
  17. The best thing that could be done is to give more incentives for bounties as they are relatively useless, but really if you want to make things real interesting do what shifty was suggesting and add terrorist strikes through the espionage system. Hell add a cool mini game fighting global terrorism as a whole with incentives such as resources and maybe "MAYBE" cash.
  18. I hate when this happens as if being a shocktrooper wasn't bad enough.
  19. Just use wind power it makes you into an Airbender.
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