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  1. hydraik

    Increased Costs to Build New Cities

    Everyone uses uranium why not make uranium one of the main 3 from the 20 city Mark?
  2. hydraik

    Beat you to it. HA

    Today I learned that in PnW alliance leaders are not responsible for pulling their alliances into war. War may only be declared after every single member, not 99% but 100% of membership has been deemed to commit a cb. Thank you for this info, I now know that if 99% of the alliance hits TKR applicants, they will not come after us because we've got that one person that didn't do it, because this is the PnW way. Thank you for this info.
  3. hydraik

    Question about IQ alliances

    Hmm seems you're right 3/12 thought it was longer ago i dunno i didn't really get a chance to participate doesn't even look like the first round finished. Yes we have a few occasions most of our tries with others seem to spontaneously fail. We don't seek to rule anyone out. One of my favorite treaties was Entiti Rorupei who was in the EMC sphere but they spontaneously combusted. I don't think we're actively pursuing any new friends right this moment especially since we're in the middle of a war. But we don't seek for treaties purely with those currently connected to IQ. Can't speak for everyone else.
  4. hydraik

    Question about IQ alliances

    The wimps thing was a little hot headed and I immediately edited it after posting. But you only attacked alliances that had nobody that could touch your top 50-30% including yourself. And you had other alliances join in with mid tiers to control the rest. Sounds like you're talking about a minority and assuming it for the majority tbh. Yes we have been perhaps too slow to come to war but it's not that we were afraid of it or purposefully trying to sit it out. We just haven't seen the opportunity. I actually am somewhat glad to be in this war just seems distasteful when i see 3 20+ city nation's filling everyone's slots above 10 cities. If it was even just iom and rw vs just TUE I think everyone involved would be having allot more fun.
  5. hydraik

    Question about IQ alliances

    That's your cb? A war that happened over a month ago I think? One that happened to an alliance you were not associated with. One with an alliance in similar size that ended after like one round I want to say. Both sides barely took damage I think. I might have a few facts mixed up anyhow that's you're cb seriously? Not to mention you having a huge city advantage on us and you being #10 and we were #26 at the time of attack and you still needed 2 other alliances to attack with you? Sorry not trying to be salty here really just saying you have a cb genuinely surprised me.
  6. hydraik

    Question about IQ alliances

    So I'm not in IQ but I'm being attacked as if we officially were. Here's my answer the people we're allied to are our best friends in the game and we haven't had any trouble with them. They've been great pals. While most of the rest of the game seems to be consisted of mostly just idiots that we don't seem to get along very well with. Personally I don't find pointlessly memeing the same thinking for weeks on end to be well fun. I hang with the type of people who make the game fun for me. People are going to be running from server to server for the next few weeks being idiots yelling I'm Polaris and thinking themselves funny. Why would I want to be on the side of the war that is essentially super easy to win and full of idiots. Polaris - our greatest ally in this game always with us. Don't see how we could ever end that treaty or betray them. OWR - we have had nothing but great experience with them as well they're cool peeps who love trading Cerb - we had great times but allas they're now defunct Zodiac - also now defunct but they were nice and cordial BK - it's a new treaty that only happened because of the zodiac merger we'll see where it goes from there Otoh there's our enemies like TGH who only seem to want to attack alliances that they outclass on at least 6-8 cities. Yes that sounds like allot of boring fun. Wait boring fun? Why would i want that? No thanks I'll stick with my friends.
  7. hydraik

    Safari gone wrong

    I came here cause I thought we were talking about the crappy apple product.
  8. #1 so you agree ok #2 you're right I worded that wrong I more meant that the cost of raws production increased making them at their original prices worthless and then upshooting their cost a ton. #3 ok you disagree about ships #4 where did I state in that, that I think fortify is a bad mechanic? That's all that you're arguing. I said I think it causes less war and it does. The harder it is to win war, the less war there will be. In some cases you want it to be harder I understand that. Don't argue about a point I didn't even touch as a derogatory mark. #5 I understand realism takes a back seat and I understand there's third world countries etc. But I've worked on a surface mine myself there's really not much pollution going on. Smelting on the other hand even in ideal conditions has a ton of pollution. #6 that's prolly not gonna change but you don't need to penalize most of your playing base with decisions that only benefit them.
  9. The irony of almost everyone who's upvoted this has seem to done just that. Gj on the salt thread guys.
  10. I don't think that a complete rollback of the system at this point is reasonable nor would it fix the issues. The issue with the current system is raws are worthless with the exception of uranium with a uep but even they can be bad at times. If raws are worthless then the manufactured prices skyrocket because of a lack of supply. That happens until an equilibrium is met. Lately that seems to put steel at 5kppu. 5kppu is a horrible price for steel because it makes tanks and ships next to impossible to build for war(though I think the fortify system is a bigger cause to lack of war). That said sheepy just needs to make raws more desirable. Takeout the stupid pollution requirements he set on them. Let's face it in a first world country mining for raw materials hardly produce pollution beyond gasoline usage in vehicles. It's the factories that refine the material that produce decent amounts of pollution. See if that does the trick and makes the market stable if it doesn't then more might need to be done, but I don't think we need anything as drastic as a rollback. Prolly the biggest problem with the current economic setup is that it makes pirating the most profitable tactic. So screw the 90% of players that aren't pirates!
  11. hydraik

    Paul Warburg and Psweet

    That sounds probably accurate the psweet I know these days wouldn't keep on a conversation that long.
  12. Alright so let's assume that the only reason I would want someone to immigrate into my country isn't so I can find a beautiful girl and marry her. East Asia has shown to be hard working and industrious without complaining.
  13. How do you expect there to be any contest when it comes to East Asia? Such beautiful flat women.
  14. hydraik

    What is the most important step a man can take?

    I just can't help but find it slightly ironic that Rose is getting credit for changing the spheric nature of orbis. Alright I admit more than slightly.
  15. hydraik

    Ready for the worst kept secret of 2017-18?

    I like the part where you pick a color that none of the three of you were on

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