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  1. No, these are bots that are designed to target IPB forums and will be programmed to crawl Google looking for sites to spam, nothing more and nothing less. If they were intelligent enough to make accounts in game like that, then they wouldn't be spamming Chinese adverts on an English speaking forum.
  2. Have some kind of plugin that checks if the nation actually exists in game upon login. Do this simply by checking to see if the URL(politicsandwar.com/nation/id=NATIONID) works, if not the account request is rejected. This is really not hard to fix.
  3. Send it to Trump 2016 because that'd be hilarious.
  4. Can we cut out the idiotic red text in quotes? It's downright obnoxious.
  5. What's with all these suggestions which are asking for admin assistance on what is the fault of the community? You want a quality > quantity alliance? Go and make one, we need more of them.
  6. There's one thing common between them though And that's they all equally suck.
  7. It'd just be pretty easy to use muiltis to make "alliances" and then "steal their banks" to subtly transfer the money over.
  8. So now everyone knows you're a lying dishonest scumbag? Cool, we should add you to the idiots list. PS: Unless you're actually clever and you're using this to cover a multi ring...
  9. Trump2016 offers to look after your bank and keep it safe.
  10. They both had terrible admins, that's what happened. Probably because all the more intelligent admins realize they can make a lot more on other things for a lot higher profit, without the stress, rather then work on some lame text game.
  11. Such an intelligent response from one calling another person stupid.
  12. Because it's !@#$ing stupid.
  13. Really though Princess Bubblegum Seabasston Kemal Partisan Tywin Inst(lol)
  14. 1. Alex 2. ss23 3. G'Kar 4. Jaehaerys 5. Skynet
  15. It's not cheating though, I could very easily spend the next few months copying and pasting all those words post by post onto the forums. So instead I opted to display it non directly rather a bit like how a digraph works.
  16. https://github.com/dwyl/english-words/raw/master/words.txt Try all of those.
  17. At the seventh twilight, infract the post and ban?
  18. This suggestion is basically the same thing that has been reiterated countless times in the past by many different people. Treaties have always been a problem in both (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) and PW. The main issue with this idea is that as much as anti treating and calls to disbandment are often used, they never happen as nobody important in game actually wants to do that and go ahead with it. They're too stuck in their ways, within existing friendships and also too stuck in their current alliances. So we're basically assuming a level of altruism here within the player base, that is for the good of the game, which really doesn't actually exist and probbaly never will as the game isn't actually real enough for people to care about it to that extent. The only realistic way to counteract the atrophying of the politics here, is for the game to have a constant influx of new players, that are then making new alliances, treaties and stirring the political pot of Orbis. As that has always been how these type of games get revitalized from the constant decline that they'll always inevitably suffer from.
  19. Does the password unlock a key that leads to the Golden Land?
  20. Russian were warned before the attack and there's no evidence any of their personal were caught in the crossfire. So yeh, non news.
  21. I'm sorry, but you're quite frankly an idiot.
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