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  1. I never got to play Pixel Nations or Project Terra. Terra was broken all to hell and had no one playing when I discovered nation sims last year. As for Pixel Nations, I stayed away because I heard the game admin cheats and stuff. I finally went to check it out a month ago but the website keeps saying its down to a total recoding. From what I hear Terra is dead and will never be fixed, which I cant figure out as it SEEMS awesome. Does anyone know how long Pixel Nations has been down for or have they given their players an estimate as to when it MIGHT be back online? Im trying to find other games like P&W to play while I wait for things to happen in P&W. Im playing The Bloc, is only ok. Also CyberNations which I just quit cause it seemed so boring. Also playing Nations 2.0 which is pretty fun. I never really got into Nation States or Ars Requiem.
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