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  1. It is not enough to diagnose; the purpose of medicine is to remedy. What is the prescription?
  2. Plenty of people say they live by one ideology but actually follow another. For example, some brothers who pray to Allah SWT then convince the young and impressionable to commit horrible acts of atrocity. In the same way, many Christians who preach tolerance refuse to extend it to their Muslim brothers. In these cases, the problem is not the ideology, it is the failure of the individual to live up to it, for whatever reason that may be. Perhaps our institutions merely have high expectations which many fall short of due to higher education being seen as more necessary to make money. Perhaps if Americans saw good, honest work as more of an option, their children would be sent to trade schools which would be seen as more honorable, and as a result, the institutions would only be teaching those who truly wanted to be there, and the vacuum of skilled labor in America would be filled with skilled laborers. The devaluation of the hard-working but not formally educated American working class - that is, the majority of the population - is both a symptom of the devaluation of American culture and an attempt by the godless leaders of America into instilling fear and uncertainty into their population to avoid dissent against their inhuman policies of abuse of our middle eastern brothers.
  3. Thank you, friend, for this post, as you have provided me with an opportunity to demonstrate the vacuousness of White Culture. White Culture actively works against the women's movement in America, the feminist movement. It works against the African American's movement, Black Lives Matter. It discriminates against people based on their religion, their political views, and their country of origin. Indeed, the new American president Donald Trump has attempted to discriminate against my fellow Muslim brothers by placing immigration restrictions based on an amalgamation of the previous three traits. And he did so with a mandate by the American people through his recent election. Just as the Protestants claim to be in favor of hard work, they are lazy. They preach but do not practice. So does America with tolerance: it claims to support tolerance but hates everyone different. How can this be the ideology of the strong? No. White America is weak and dying, and it knows it. In its death throws, White America grasps for a breath of fresh air through its Patriarch Trump, but it will be defeated just as Jim Crow was in the past. In America's first treaty with Muslim brothers it claimed to be founded in no way on the Christian religion and indeed this is true; perhaps one day, America will come to see the light of Islam in the way that so many of its African American and Arab brothers have already. Until then, we will be forced to see you as the misguided, infantile people that you are. This is not a judgement - it is the truth. And I am sorry that you were not blessed enough to have been born in a situation where before now you might have learned the truth of Allah SWT. The choices available are simple: Allah SWT, or the darkness which has consumed White America whole and left nothing but a red white and blue carcass where freedom once rang.
  4. It is not possible for an understanding Muslim to criticize his brothers on such basis. We are all Muslims in the eyes of Allah SWT. 1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chivalry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_in_Islam It is good to be willing to learn from a teacher. At times, that teacher must be oneself. A student must do their homework. 2. The ideal type of a group of persons is simply the most common opinion among them. If you take the most common opinions among white Americans, you get White America as I speak of it. Why is it that you are so quick to dismiss me as a racist? 3. You haven't yet defined for me what "moderate" is supposed to mean.
  5. 1. The Code of Chivalry had almost nothing to do with the treatment of women: this is a modern myth. By contrast, Islam brought sweeping, positive changes to the Arabian peninsula regarding the treatment of women. 2. Am I not here engaging the actual beliefs that people have right now? White America means the predominant culture among white Americans. A large part of that is Christianity. It is not racist to tell the truth. 3. My Islam is true to me and the other members of the Nation and that is all that matters. "Extreme" is not a synonym for "correct", and I will not be drawn into defending actions I do not believe are just and Islamic.
  6. I care not for your labels - only for your ears. On what basis do you dismiss my arguments?
  7. 1. A vast history of abuse and slavery is not the history of Islam but of the world. Through Allah SWT, it is forgiven. 2. I am not prioritizing the color, merely identifying the group in the easiest way possible. They are the descendants of Europeans. The race is unimportant. 3. Some twist Islam into something it is not - I admit. People often see what they want to see. That is the point of this thread - to educate. Now, allow me to ask you a question. Why is it that in response to my post, rather than defending the actions of White America, you chose to attack me on all three points? What do you mean? All things in moderation.
  8. Greetings, people of Politics and war. On behalf of the Nation of Islam I have made this Final Call to Islam in the style of that of the original and actual Elijah Muhammad. In an effort to educate and build membership for the Nation of Islam, I have created this thread so that we may discuss on open and equal terms the basic ideas behind our organization. Parties to such strong voices as civil rights leader Malcolm X, the history of the Nation of Islam is one of fighting for the rights of all people - particularly those who are disenfranchised in America, such as African-Americans, Muslims, and women. We believe the following: 1. While all people are created equal, not all cultures and ideologies are created equal. 1a. The religion Christianity of White America and our duped African brothers is built on the idea of Allah SWT being a man and being murdered. These people want to kill Allah SWT under His banner: and that is what they have tried to do with their bombs in the Middle East, which threaten the lives of millions of men, women, and children in multiple countries. There is much talk in Western media of the suicide bombings which our misguided brothers unfortunately see are necessary in their struggle to defend Islam. But when will you stop your bombings? 1b. The culture of White America is inferior in that it promotes both decadence and consumption. The people of White America are lazy - they do not want to work because they see no value in it. All they want to do is buy new things. New, shiny things. That distract them from each other and from Allah SWT. Their concentration on the material world has led them to this horrid behavior which deems acceptable the mass murder of people based solely on believing differently than they do. Out of fear, out of anger - it doesn't matter. White America is sick on the property it stole from the Middle East, Africa, and all around the world, and we are all suffering for it. 2. The answer to the problems of the modern world is Islam. 2a. Islam means to surrender: to surrender to the will of Allah SWT. Allah SWT is all-knowing and most merciful. Whether or not you submit: he forgives you. Whether or not you understand: he does. Allah SWT loves all and what he wants, not demands, is love in return. From all of His children. He calls on us to abandon our addictions to technology and consumerism and embrace His love. Not to abandon reality - but to live in moderation, as is the will of Allah SWT. He calls on us to abandon our hatred. Not to be passive in the face of aggression - but to moderate our response, as is the will of Allah SWT. And not to be blind to the sins of others, but to be understanding and forgiving of them, because we are all sinners in the eyes of Allah SWT.
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