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  1. I am sick of indecisive world wars that usually take place in Politics and War. I wish for a DECISIVE outcome to this war not just joke peace terms. If that involves unconditional surrender, EXTREMELY punitive terms or you all deleting is irrelevent to me. I WILL NOT stand for Coalition B giving your Coalition lenient terms.
  2. When your alliance gets crushed like the rest of your coalition, the only surriender i would be satsified with is unconditional surriender to coalition B as that is the ONLY situation in which peace in orbis can be achieved.
  3. You will be crushed as with the other members of your coalition.
  4. This is a sad, pathetic attempt to get revenge on BK for outing you as the hacker who stole the credintials of Leo and STOLE from the bk bank whilst kicking bk members. Your moral character is dubious, and I sincerely hope that alex bans you for your abhorent behavour.
  5. I am stuck on an old haswell i5 4570 hoping to upgrade soon.
  6. The actual reason as to why World Wars drag on for months at a time nowadays is because with the capicity for enormous war chests to substain combat indefinitly it becomes exponentially more difficult for a victorious alliance to impose their will onto a defeated one in essence a crushing defeat against an alliance cannot be imposed onto an alliance as no matter how many units, infrastruture or imporvements the victor destroys the defeated alliance still has the capicity to rebuild units, infrastructure and can still resist without completely capiltuating to the enemy alliance. A "fun dynamic world" without months long wars will arise when the possibility emerges of obtaining complete and total victory over an enemy alliance this is achived by somehoe being able to invalidate these large war chests.
  7. The only option sadly to ensure preputal peace in orbis is for Coalition A to be neutralized as a threat to Coalition B. Otherwise TKR and allies will preputally fight BK and Allies to regain Hegemony as the largest alliance in the game as shown with TKR's 's attempt to dogpile BK after Knightfall (Thucydides Trap). the ONLY way this can be prosceuted to the furtherest extent is for TKR and allies to unconditionally surriender to coalition B or a change in attitude in the leadership of TKR and allies to not displace BK as a rising power.
  8. If a member of Coalition were to supposedly believe the information insofar that was posted on page one and for some peculiar reason wanted to support KERTCHOG (Coalition A) in exposing the unfairness of the negoation process, then what can the average member even do in the first place? Tell goverment members who would most likely turn a deaf ear to complaints in the first place? Quit their alliance? What would you expect the average member of a Coalition B alliance to even do in this case?
  9. Hello i am US Of A and my nation is America V2.
  10. Nation Name: America V2 Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=34663
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