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  1. Should increase food production because of godzilla sized turnips
  2. Is it really that difficult to check your trade before submitting?
  3. infrastructure and improvement damage should be proportional. 1/4 million soldiers unopposed should nearly level a city but only does 300ish damage. Would make more options for play like choosing between big infra damage or extra resistance points of navy/airstrikes
  4. Additionally, you have looted 8.41% of your opponent's alliance bank, taking: $42,286,145, 1,084 Coal, 2,498 Oil, 2,865 Uranium, 2,029 Iron, 902 Bauxite, 488 Lead, 13,462 Gasoline, 14,220 Munitions, 14,643 Steel, 6,583 Aluminum, and 62,397 Food. tours over boyo. time to lay down and rot
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