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  1. Sorry mate, but I don't generalize off of anything you say, however, your statement is a good example that summarizes some of the problems with your coalition's war effort. This is easily observed by anyone who actively fought in the war.
  2. Wow, you just summarized why your coalition lost the war. Hint: zero initiative.
  3. Better AA announcement than most, skip the bs and straight to the point!
  4. Thanks for the fun Roasis + Mystery. Enjoy the rebuild! \o/
  5. This is the point that Malleator and Adam seem to be ignoring for whatever reason. Clearly being able to figure out spy counts is against the spirit of the game, especially if this is the reason why predicted success rate was changed to being >50 or <50 percent.
  6. I think it's simple. The embarrassment and shame of not decisively winning the first round, despite what would have appeared to be overwhelming numbers superiority. Hollywood bad since Rose doesn't know when to military up apparently, have allies who have a bunch of war dodgers and have had mediocre to bad coordination. Thus, fervent cries to the buzzwords of our time are taking place, "DOgPIle", "HEgemoNY", "uPPeR tiER consoLIDatION". Anything to excuse poor war performance. This typology of whining personifies the self-serving bias, anything to avoid responsibility for simply being
  7. I think the real problem is how consistent it is, not that it exists. Should be way more rare. Like 1/3 or 1/4 the frequency of what it currently is, rather than killing more/equal planes every attack, when down 700 planes.
  8. Or at least make it occur way less frequently...
  9. I think it's pretty ludicrous that someone attacking with far less planes can kill more of the defender's planes/a near equal amount, in dog fights. I also think the variation in damage spies can do is crazy. You can get unlucky and lose 5+ spies, or get lucky and wipe out 20 of the enemy spies, when both people are at 60 spies using extremely covert. I realize that projects and policies play a large role in this, but I think that variation is too high.
  10. How about giving the option to destroy your own resources, at least to the nearest whole number? When I don't use oil it's a minor pet peeve to see the 0.50 exist.
  11. Keep gaslighting yourselves. I'm sure deep down you really do believe that not fighting an AA you have literally declared war on, for fear of losing, isn't pixel hugging. This is particularly funny given that Akuryo is caps locking the "DoW DOES SAY" when y'all can't even properly follow it. Talk about a super toxic, circle jerking coalition though, when called out on an incorrect aspect of your CB I'm apparently the worst type of person, along with some other nice insults.
  12. Y'all a bit dense. As mentioned repeatedly, the actual reason for not fighting Roth makes sense, but it is pixel hugging to avoid following through on your own DoW for fear of losing pixels. The circle jerking and lack of acknowledgement and recognition of this point is just sad at this point.
  13. What the hell are you on about? I know you are completely incapable of staying on the topic at hand, but all I'm saying is it's funny that your own coalition's DoW has you fighting against TCW protectorates and yet you are literally too scared, too pixel hugging to actually fight against all TCW protectorates. You're quaking so badly at the thought of COA and another sphere being involved that you can't even follow through on your own DoW LOL. Gotta save those pixels though, am I right? Edit: for the record, if I cared about escaping 'cheek slapping' or 'pixel hugging' I proba
  14. What do previous wars have to do with if someone is being a 'crybaby salt mine'? For that matter, what does any of this have to do with what I said? Nice argument though, "TCW's conduct last war, in relation to other AAs, makes you questioning me now a crybaby saltmine." I'm sure Roquentin/NPO would be proud of your argument if they were still around. I get this war, and understand why it's being fought. I just think it's hilarious to see you typing in caps about how the DoW 'DOES SAY' you'll hit protectorates but in reality you're meek cowards too afraid to actually do good on that thre
  15. You seem like the sort of person that would call a waiter a simp for serving a woman water.
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