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  1. Johan III

    Unity under the Norse Gods [DoE]

    The German Empire will, henceforth, offer shelter for any refugees fleeing religious persecution within Scandinavia.
  2. Johan III

    German Empire factbook

    Das Deutsches Kaiserreich Head of State (Kaiser): Wilhelm III von Hohenzollern (Full name: Friedrich Wilhelm Victor August Ernest von Hohenzollern) Head of Government (Chancellor): August von Mackensen Legislature: Federal Council Federal Council Reichstag President of the Reichstag: Ernst Fashingbauer Bundesrat Chancellor: August von Mackensen Political Parties of the Bundesrat Monarchist Party - August von Mackensen German Conservative Party - Wilhelm Giehl German Fatherland Party - Leopold Haas Spartacus League - Wilhelm Pieck Ministries Ministry of the Interior - Markus Horowitz Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Kurt Maus Ministry of War - Otto von Essen Ministry of Infrastructure - Sigismund Volk Ministry of Agriculture - Alfred Hummel Military Chief of Staff - Falk Oberst Field Marshall of the I Army Inspectorate [Eastern front: Danzig] - Otto von Below Field Marshall of the II Army Inspectorate [Home front: Berlin] - Helmut Schindler Field Marshall of the III Army Inspectorate [Western front: Hannover] - Konrad von Straßburg Field Marshall of the IV Army Inspectorate [Southern front: Munich] - Crown Prince Wilhelm von Hohenzollern Field Marshall of the V Army Inspectorate [Western front: Karlsruhe] - Martin Schult Field Marshall of the VI Army Inspectorate [Eastern front: Posen] - Micheal Sheinfeld Field Marshall of the VII Army Inspectorate [Southern front: Zurich] - Stefan Ackermann Field Marshall of the VIII Army Inspectorate [Northern front: Hamburg] - Friedrich Cline Commanding General of the Deutsche Luftstreitkraft: Franz Hase Grand Admiral of the Kaiserliche Marine: Karl Donitz Admiral of the Baltic fleet: Johan Horn Admiral of the High Seas fleet: Hans Gunther Commander of the German Police Force: Jan Hoffman Commander of the German Secret Police: Klemens Lorenz Commander of the Imperial Guards: King Rupprecht von Wittelsbach Active Personnel: 975,000 Reserve Personnel: 4,300,000 Equipment Army Equipment StG 44 Gewehr 43 Karabiner 98k Luger P08 MP40 MG 42 Panzerschreck Panzerfaust Model 43 Grenade Hafthohlladung S-mine Teller Anti-tank mine Flammenwerfer 35 Granatwerfer 42 28/32 cm Nebelwerfer 41 21 cm Nebelwerfer 42 Wurfrahmen 40 Panzerwerfer 7.5 cm FK 16 nA 7.5 cm FK 38 7.5 cm Gebirgsgesch C3 BCtz_36 10.5 cm leFH 18 15 cm sFH 18 2.8 cm sPzB 41 Anti-Aircraft Flak 38 3.7 cm Flak 43 8.8 cm Flak 41 Aircraft - 3529 Bf 109 HE 111 Ju 87 "Stuka" He 112 Bf 110 FW 190 Hs 129 Navy - 41 large vessels (primarily destroyers) & 74 submarines. Close to 430 torpedo boats. Transport Krupp Protze SdKfz 4 Mercedes-Benz L3000 Armored forces - 1960 tanks & 430 Armored cars Panzer I Panzer II Panzer III Panzer IV Panther tank Tiger I Tiger II SdKfz 231 SdKfz 234 "Puma"
  3. Deutsches Kaiserreich. Cheers!
  4. Johan III

    First Contact: War.

    .:Classified:. With word being received of the supposed fall of the Shanxi colony, an Austrian fleet under Admiral Wihelm Taube was dispatched to assist in recapturing the system by whatever means necessary. While officially, it's mission was to liberate the colony, once any fighting was over, it was ordered that any alien technology be recovered and transported back to Earth so that UNSC scientists could study it in the hopes that it could be retrofitted for usage by UNSC forces in the future. With all preparations completed, the fleet left Earth for the Shanxi colony, or at least whatever remained of it.
  5. Johan III

    Factbook of the Federation of Greater Austria

    Non-essential info for the Federation of Greater Austria Anthem of German Austria (and the Federation as a whole (in a modified form)) "Deutschösterreich, du herrliches Land" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6ddEW04r_0 Oath that all members of the Austrian Armed Forces are required to take before joining (English Translation): "I, -insert name here-, do solemnly pledge my allegiance to the Federation of Greater Austria, to uphold her constitution and the UNSC charter. As God is my witness, I pledge my life and abilities in service of the state, and should the need arise, I will lay down my life for the safety of her people." Major News Networks (more will be added over time): ANN News - ANN News is a Vienna-based news network that, while not actually run by the government, does receive government and public funding in a similar vein to the BBC of our world. Biographies (again, more will be added later) Johan Pieck - Johan Pieck, born in the city of Salzburg, is the interim Prime Minister of the Federation. As he is only an acting Prime Minister, he is overseen by the Federal Council, which controls the nation in all but name until elections can be held. At the age of 23, he was appointed as diplomat to France, becoming the youngest person to hold that position in the history of Austria. Upon the abdication of Emperor Franz-Josef II, he was appointed as Interim Prime Minister, a post he is to hold until elections can be arranged. Will he seek election, or will he withdraw from politics to spend more time with his family? Only time will tell. Wilhelm Adenauer - The current Governor of German Austria, Wilhelm Adenauer recently announced his candidacy for the position of Prime Minister of the Federation of Greater Austria. At the age of 29, he is currently the youngest governor of any region of Austria in history, and if he is to become Prime Minister, he could very well become one of the youngest national leaders of the modern world. Recent polls show that 53.2% of the Austrian populace is supportive of his campaign, and while this is subject to change, it seems fairly likely he will be the first Prime Minister of the Federation of Greater Austria.
  6. Federation of Greater Austria factbook (temporary flag) General Info Area: 625,418 km^2 Highest Point: Großglockner (3.8 km) GDP: 14.3 trillion GDP per capita: 75,000 Leadership Prime Minister: Johan Pieck State governors Governor of German Austria: Wilhelm Adenauer Governor of German Bohemia: Alexander Baum Governor of German Moravia: Clara Fried Governor of Bohemia: Aurel Klima Governor of Slovakia: Daniela Slavik Governor of Hungary: Simon Jakab Governor of Carniola: Boris Zupan Governor of Croatia: Adam Kolar Governor of Vojvodina: Borko Kovac Governor of Transylvania: Dragos Iliescu Governor of Seklerland: Livia Popescu Governor of East Galicia: Alexei Lysenko Governor of West Galicia: Jan Kava Governor of Trentino: Baldo de Vito Governor of Trieste: Delia Franco Military Chiefs of Staff Field Marshal Johan Ebner Fleet Admiral Wilhelm Taube General Eva Perko Admiral Kyrylo Zima Military Stats: Active Personnel: 1,600,000 Reservists: 1,910,000 Military Vehicles: 49,200 Ships (in total [Not including spacecraft]): 50 Aircraft (in total):14,760 Map of the Federation of Greater Austria:
  7. Johan III

    The Death of an Empire

    It has been 100 years... One hundred years since the first empire died. One hundred years since the Second Empire rose from her ashes, and at last, the Empire is united. However, as Austria expanded, her people continued to call for free elections. At first, this issue was mitigated by permitting voting for representatives to the Imperial Parliament in Vienna back in '73, however, as time passed, the calls of the people could no longer be ignored. Only five years ago, the rulers of the various constituent nations of the Austrian Empire were forced to abdicate in favor of elected officials, however, this was simply not enough. It is now the 5th of November, 2027, and as the people of the nation celebrate the reunification of the nation, the Kaiser, Franz-Josef II von Habsburg-Lorraine, prepares to give his last speech before abdicating his throne and taking up residence within Prague Castle in Bohemia. At approximately 5:00 PM CET, Kaiser Franz-Josef II walked up to a balcony overlooking what looked like an ocean of people, both citizens of Vienna and members of the press from around the world (and perhaps a few tourists as well). With much regret, he prepared to give the speech. "My fellow citizens of the Austrian Empire. Today, we look back on the past hundred years, to our success... and failure. As the last century came to a close, we granted you the right to vote for your leadership. However, we have now seen the truth. The monarchy, at least as we know it, has proven ineffective at dealing with the various threats that have come against us, whether it be Rokkenjima or the Insurrection in Ruthenia. For this, I... I have some announcements to make. First of all, I am officially announcing my abdication from the throne of the Austrian Empire. No more shall the Habsburg family hold absolute power over the state. Instead, we shall renounce our claim to the throne of Austria and only serve as ambassadors to our most trusted allies. It is with this that I am proud to announce the establishment of the Federation of Greater Austria, which will, at least for the time being, be led by Prime Minister Johan Pieck until proper elections can be held. Third and finally, I wish to simply pledge my undying support to the Federation of Greater Austria, and should the day come that we be forced to take up arms against any threat to our people, I would be proud to fall in the line of duty protecting the nation. That is all." Franz said as he looked out upon the crowd. Suddenly, someone in the crowd shouted "Gott rette den Kaiser! Es lebe die Föderation von Großösterreich!", prompting the rest of the crowd to do the same out of respect. Once they had finished, it was prepared for the Imperial flag to be lowered one last time, never to be raised again. As this went on, an orchestral version of the Imperial anthem was played in a somber fashion while some in the crowd sang the lyrics alongside it. And thus, as if it had happened in a flash, the Empire had come to an end, and the Federation was formed.
  8. Johan III

    Organic Roleplaying (Applications & Info)

    Fixed part of Salazar's claim (Rimski missed part of it): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/390454335282085889/442725432471846932/May.png
  9. Well, at least it's better than doing nothing and acting with impunity when in reality, such actions would likely bring invasion by other states...
  10. Johan III

    Suggestion - New sub

    Let it be known I agree with both ideas and I am willing to make a map & background for the world should we do the former option.
  11. Johan III

    Organic Roleplaying (Applications & Info)

    I'll be claiming the following as well as transferring one province to Gibraltar (if possible):
  12. Johan III

    Victory Day

    Emperor Franz Josef II alongside his family and the Military Chiefs of Staff shall attend. It is also hoped that a regiment of the Imperial Guard might take part in the parade.
  13. Update: Poll added
  14. As the name implies, this discussion has been made to suggest the end of the Consent rule, or at the very least, modify it so that we can still impact other nations without having to worry about consent. Here are my current suggestions, feel free to discuss them again: 1.) Remove the Consent Rule in it's entirety - Basically, we would completely remove the consent rule, thus no longer requiring consent to go to war and essentially creating a situation similar to Organic RP. No longer would anyone be able to hide behind the consent rule, and at the very least we would be able to have the occasional war. 2.) Modify the Consent rule - Allow nations to interdict trade without the need for consent. Personally, I don't like this idea that much.
  15. Johan III

    Politics & War Roleplaying (Info & Application)

    Panama Canal and Lebanon. Proof:

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