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  1. Best of luck, however #NotMyShogun also I will be back for you bb
  2. We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. - Walt Disney Over the past day, Obelisk has had members leave over issues, Internal and Foreign. The way that these members left was unprofessional, they laid out Obelisk’s Internal affairs on the OWF for all to see, and made a mockery of the alliance they used to be a part of. On top of that, you also deleted our discord, for no reason other than to insult us on the way out. When they left, they also took half the bank, I want to clarify that it has been returned, and we thank them for doing so. We wish things could’ve worked out better. We wish them well wherever they decide to go. First, to our former allies in The Commonwealth, we can’t help but feel unnerved. We thought going forward that we were friends, however, you abandoned us during our time of need. Shame on you Commonwealth. It wasn’t enough you took the members who had left with no notice to us and stole our bank, you then drop us without notice as well. On top of that, you planned it with the leaving Gov members for your own gain. If you knew they were upset, why didn’t you sit us down and try to help us work it out? You don’t deserve to be anyone’s ally. To the Black Knights, the same to you, you left us after claiming that the Polaris treaty was fine with you, only after backlash did you retract. You also left us in our time of need, I’m not sure how anyone can be fine being your ally. However, we wish you well going forward. Thank you to Rose and Polaris, our real friends, they stuck by us during this time, and we’ve come out on top because of it. We are a stronger, more united Obelisk. Thank you to everyone who has helped us during this time. We will come out stronger because of it. Supreme Leader: Park Minister of Foreign Affairs: Park Minister of Internal Affairs: Ockey 5 Minister of Military Affairs: Master Minister of Economics: Lank Governor Of Internal Affairs:Haydentoo Governor Of Foreign Affairs: Unlimited Governor of Military Affairs: Xonera Governor of Economics: Paston Discord: https://discord.gg/CxGBkhB
  3. Best of luck on your future endeavors as well!
  4. I am sorry that you feel this way bout our current treaties I was told you were informed and were okay with it, of course that part of our government is no more hopefully in the future we could yet again work hand in hand.
  5. our members were all on discord though
  6. I thought I should come and clear things up Firstly, yes Obelisk government had some problems during the war on whether or not to join in with our allies. For the first war we had about 75% consensus to join and attack valyria this 75% included me and prezy as well making it easier to decide to go to war. during the war we also had different strategies on organizing for the war which lead to other tensions. then when the next war came around we were split about 50/50 and were arguing whether or not we should join for our allies, since there were few slots left the pro-war side decided we weren't needed in the war and demilitarized back to normal time. After that prezy and I attempted to patch the problems in our government and tensions in our government chats cooled down so I was hopeful that we were united as one alliance when we decided to sign Polaris we had government chats with them and it seemed everyone liked them we then came back to our government and no one opposed it. so I assumed we were all in agreeance considering we had about 2 days to decide against it. I am personally sorry that our government fell apart and to comment on that whole dictator thing, I will say I did much more than Prezy did, not because I was bypassing him, but because he just simply wasn't as active. however, everything I did that remotely mattered would always be run by him. if we didn't agree on something we would talk about it between ourselves and then talk to lower government about it. I tried to include prezy whenever possible and felt that I did that. I am sorry that resplendent government felt they needed to stay quiet and I hope we can again be friends in the future. ~Best wishes, Park
  7. why did you delete the discord though? that's annoying
  8. well, maybe we can work together in the future
  9. I'm sorry it happened like this
  10. The friendship signing Obelisk and Polaris hereby enter into the following agreement: Article 1 – The Polar ties Both Obelisk and Polaris will come to the defense of the other if either is attacked Article 2 – Drop the Chains This is a non-chaining treaty. Should either party declare a war, then receive counter attacks from other alliances, there is no obligation for the other to come to their defense Article 3 – Secret note passing Both parties agree to be open and share information with one another. All details of foreign affairs moves and major internal information will be shared between the two parties. Article 4 – Break up Clause Should either party so desire, the treaty can be canceled providing 72 hours’ notice is given. Signed: Obelisk Gov Park - Supreme Council Prezyan - Supreme Council Ockey 5- Minister Of Internal Affairs Chappie-Minister of Foreign Affairs Nataniel Drake- Minister of Military Affairs Lank- Minister of Economic Affairs Polaris Gov Emperor- Almighty Grub Regenant-EaTeM Minister of Truth-Alexia Minister of Peace-Kriegskoenig Minister of love-WsxPhoenix Minister of Plenty-Dendarii TL;DR nope sketchy looks like you have to read
  11. Nw trying to find new friends everywhere, try not to turn into Lordaeron now
  12. Bets of luck to OOS wherever they end up!
  13. Best of luck to you guys hopefully you can get back on your feet!
  14. I would say good luck rose, but if you lose we need to talk.
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