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  1. I'm planning to vote either Inst or Captain Vietnam for president this election.
  2. Nationalist

    talk to me

    So ISIS are good?
  3. Nationalist

    Should non-whites be given equal rights to whites

    ISIS are terrorists who fight against the great and glorious Assad. In time they will be crushed and the great Assad will reign over those filth.
  4. Nationalist

    Should non-whites be given equal rights to whites

    -removed for rule breaking-
  5. How do you know Justin Bieber is dumb?
  6. You're dumber then John Harms...
  7. Nationalist

    talk to me

    You're apparently a super smart ultra genius. Would you say you're smarter then the likes of: 1. Albert Einstein 2. Tesla 3. Von Neumann 4. Da Vinci 5. Gauss
  8. He's dumber then me and that says a lot.
  9. Nationalist

    Anti-Bernie Sanders Thread

    Really, guy's an idiot. He'll destroy America. But vote for the Communist I guess.
  10. Nationalist

    Syndicate Vs Rose

    Rose would probably win, Partisan seems kinda dumb from reading his posts with Steve. Rose could probably mass blitz Syndicate with Pubstomper and crush Syndicate military into the ground. A successful blitz is all it'd take.
  11. Nationalist


    Seems intresting. I like the idea of taxes on market.
  12. Nationalist

    Syndicate Vs Rose

    In a one on one war. Who would win?
  13. Nationalist

    Very Ä°mportant Birthday

    So why am I not allowed to celebrate Hitler's birthday and this is allowed?
  14. Nationalist

    Should Animals Be Given Equal Rights To Humans?

    I've already pointed out why it would be harmless and a form of recycling.
  15. Nationalist

    Can men get raped?

    Burden of proof exists. Use it.

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