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  1. This comic is now a collaboration between Jack the Ripper and Mutsuo Toi. Seriously! Go ask him! All P&W comics available here Episode 26: Clash of the Serial Killers
  2. I must admit, Ripper have improved a lot on his work. Again, thanks for the comic and thanks for mentioned me as well
  3. Daveth Thalmor and his stand, Archangel Michael
  4. You're an absolutely madman after you used my design on Yui. I tip my hat for you Ripper, It's really an honour for being mentioned in this forum
  5. James II of TIEIXIAIS (from Alphas) has executed an espionage operation to sabotage nuclear weapons in your country. They were not successful. Florida man's right. The Nuke Bloc just gone too far... I'm not even a nazist but a ironic shitposter, I'm only join IG to stimulate some action and left it to CS yet they keep harrassing my nukes. I talk to CS officer and he say Fraggles want me to stop producing nukes... Which is why say no. I'm not your asian slave you hypocrite, you can't tell me what to do in PnW. You have no right forcing me to stop defending myself with nukes just because you
  6. I don't even know either, Only Ripper can answer that
  7. I seconded Catho, pls do me
  8. In any case Purplemoon interested at your comic. I made an OC of her. Bonus for edgy RIPper (As he used to be)
  9. Don't worry, I got you pal. Talking about self-insert, here's my OC, I'll call him Mutsuoball! Don't lewd the bees Oh! and also... I made another fanart of you, Ripper. Eh... Is anyone know who killed Ripper?
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