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  1. I did, all my cities use the Welsh/Cymraeg names where possible. The orignal name of Caerdydd is technically lost to time; As we don't actually know what the Latin name was!
  2. 770 uses Discord. It's just not mandatory for members. That said we do encourage our members to join our discord, if they want to be part of the 770 community.
  3. Well considering Alex knew about this at the time, I would imagine he'll treat it with the contempt it deserves - the logs as given are very misleading; quelle surprise.
  4. As I see it the crux is this; is the money being used to provide in-game benefits for Taith? If the answer is yes, then there is a major issue, but, if the answer is no then what is the issue? Based on what is posted the only benefit to Taith, that I can see, is that more people may engage with the Taith social media outlets. There is no advantage for us doing this in the game, the benefits are purely out of game and actually the cost probably outweighs any advantage gained. If this was going to benefit or make money/resources for Taith, then there would be an issue. But I would contend that clearly isn't the case. This giveaway doesn't gain in-game perks for anyone in Taith. Other people may benefit from being verified by Locotus, I query if that is such a bad thing? It may encourage further people to engage in the VIP program in-game.
  5. Who got to vote in the shortlisting round? Whilst the final vote has been publicised, the shortlisting round is notable by it's lack of publicity.
  6. Alliance of the Year: Taith Most Powerful Alliance: Taith Most Improved Alliance: Taith Most Honorable Alliance: Taith Most Immoral Alliance: Most Controversial Alliance: Taith Biggest Warmongers: Biggest Pixel-Huggers: Taith Worst Fighting Alliance: Best Alliance Growth: Taith Biggest Alliance Decline: Most Likely to Succeed in 2021: Taith Most Likely to be Rolled in 2021: Taith Best Economics Department: Taith
  7. Player of the Year: Greene Most Influential Player: Greene Most Likely to Succeed in 2021: Greene Best Alliance Leader: Greene Worst Alliance Leader: Greene Most Missed Player: Fraggle Best IC Poster: Fraggle Poster You Most Love to Hate: Greene Best Villain: Greene Largest E-Peen: Greene Most Controversial Player: Greene Player You’re Pretty Sure will be Playing in 2050: RobApIoan Player that is Worst at Responding to DMs: Greene
  8. Best Alliance Theme: Taith Best Alliance Page: Taith Best Alliance Discord: Taith Most Engaged Alliance: Taith Best Business (news outlets, banks, graphic design companies, etc): Taith
  9. I have very mixed feelings on this matter. On the one hand I think there are issues of toxicity in the gaming community that do need resolving. I can't say that I've always been blameless in this regard, Cobalt and Duat did some things/said some things that undoubtedly caused hurt and offence to others. We made comments that were unhelpful to a mutual flourishing of the community as a whole, this I regret. We became Toxic and we hated what we became. I think the culture of shit-posting/trolling that has been prevalent in the past encourages a race to the bottom, in terms of civility. What can also be an issue is the demand of acceptance of my views and opinions, without accepting the views and opinions of other people - I wonder if part of the problem here is the mix of age groups, cultural norms and viewpoints. A healthy community is one that can discuss contentious issues, without resorting to insults and petty behaviour. Due to the mix of age groups there is also a range of maturity in the community and that also causes issues, how you deal with that I am not sure - I would suggest maybe a mentoring program, but how you decide who is suitable and who is not would cause a major headache. That said, I am opposed to "policing" of Discord servers. I think it would impinge too much on freedom of expression and such - I am not a fan of censorship. That said, if bad behaviour is occurring, I think there should be a method for anonymous reporting of abuse and such.
  10. I visited Texas about 6 years ago. I was shocked at how militarised the police felt over there compared to the UK. Airport security were the most impolite I'd had the displeasure of experiencing. The biggest shock was seeing a policeman with a M16 or something similar. Armed police in the UK use Submachine guns usually, and are very unusual - even in London it is rare to see Armed police outside Westminster.
  11. Tyddewi is the Welsh name for St David's - it means David's House.
  12. The next two questions are thus? Why are Black people more likely to commit crimes? What is being done to slow down and prevent a life a crime in society?
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