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  1. I visited Texas about 6 years ago. I was shocked at how militarised the police felt over there compared to the UK. Airport security were the most impolite I'd had the displeasure of experiencing. The biggest shock was seeing a policeman with a M16 or something similar. Armed police in the UK use Submachine guns usually, and are very unusual - even in London it is rare to see Armed police outside Westminster.
  2. Tyddewi is the Welsh name for St David's - it means David's House.
  3. The next two questions are thus? Why are Black people more likely to commit crimes? What is being done to slow down and prevent a life a crime in society?
  4. My nation is based on South Wales. All the cities are places I know.
  5. Why is it that every time I want to trade I have to go through a captcha? It's irritating.
  6. Hey Thalmor, good to see you around. It has been a while hasn't it. Life is going well enough. I think the optimal outcome would be for both sides to come together and discuss what are real issues. Riots tend to happen when one group is so disenfranchised that they see there being nothing to lose. It is this situation that leads to change, for good or for bad. What needs to happen is for the Police to de-escalate (police being violent and heavy handed against a protest against police violence is stupidity, both in the UK and the US) and the leaders of BLM to sit down with those in Authority. Fundamentally this is a protest against people being treated differently because of the colour of their skin, in the UK I think it is also a protest against the government's handling of legal immigrants.
  7. VPNs are unlikely to help you, unless all of your online activity is done through one.
  8. I agree that all lives do matter. The problem I have is that the people I see stating that, are also the people I know who are racist (the kind of people who say "send the blacks home" and such) - obviously this then undermines the message. At the end of the day we all bleed Red. It is stupid to belittle anyone because of race, creed or gender.
  9. Duat has benefitted from every billion poured into us. Thank you for noting our success
  10. They don't. It is now showing the correct "no replies" image.
  11. Thank you Catsby, apology accepted. We wish you the best in whatever you end up doing. It takes a big man to apologise. Sorry for posting so late but I don't really give a shit about those 2 alliances and about what they post. I think your opening sentence sums up your problem, you don't get it because you haven't read the thread. All the problems you mention in section 1 are the problems we are working at overcoming. I admit that these issues have been real and are a problem. Communication between Duat and Vault 111 hasn't always been the best, we have had a somewhat hands off approach that hasn't worked. With me being fully in charge the kink is back The whips and chains will be after the leaders of Vault, they say they like it and respond well to it. Today I have personally massed messaged every member of Vault. I have been working with their government all weekend to get a program together that will build up their alliance. Said program will be shaped by members of Vault 111. Our way of doing business is changing.
  12. Apart from the bottom two nations, the majority are active. If they don't give a shit about Duat, that's fine by me - because it means they aren't bothered one way or another. We will do all we can to help V111 regardless of whether they appreciate it or not. Thalmor has a point. Sometimes I wondered why we were protecting Catsby's alliance, now he is gone it's less of an issue. You come across as a whiny schoolkid. I suggest you step away from the keyboard.
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