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  1. Good good, peace is good. Getting hit by most of my wars after peace agreement not so good, but it is what it is.
  2. TBF, when this all wraps up eventually, my one aim might well end up being ruining Ryleh's day for a bit. Roz Wei shouldn't have to worry, as I'm sure it will have moved on somewhere else by then after extracting everything possible.
  3. As a large proportion of your players are European, and you are aware of this, you need to make changes to how you handle data and webpages for Europeans. You need to add a cookies permissions question, and change your terms and conditions as they are wholly unenforceable against a European citizen. US courts have no jurisdiction over us, and the general rule in the EU is that if you make a payment with a reasonable expectation of a service, you are entitled to that service which cannot be disclaimed from. With regards to the cookies issue, I will be reporting it to the ICO fairly soon, so I would hope that you take it seriously.
  4. Nice reference to a terrorist group in your signature as well...
  5. The moderation team in general needs to be more "flat" and consistent in applying rules. As it stands with the current application of the rules by the team it appears haphazard, unprofessional and at times immature; leading to many of these situations where the validity and reasoning behind moderation actions.
  6. Let me be the car to your rollercoaster
  7. Would you do it for my eternal love Pre?
  8. A couple of years on, you are still rather special.
  9. No offense, but that is really silly. Leaves your moderators with no discretion in taking action and constantly second guessing themselves. This game has always suffered from soft touch moderation that has been paralysed by indecision from the top. If you are not able to make a decision and stick with it in these matters, step back in that area and leave it to someone who is able to do so.
  10. Can I get this again? Nation name: Gezereko Nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=29406
  11. Lets do some rolling. Also managed to wake me up haha
  12. Oh god. Please let this be a troll
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