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  1. I guess that's true. I like Dortmund because of their attacking play, certain players, and their fanbase. Of course they're weak defensively as of late though. If I had to choose a team that I played most like, it would be any team with a 4-3-2-1, so looking at Wikipedia the old Milan and France teams.
  2. Every forum I've been to since the second grade I see this...I should really get a new username.
  3. You will never get a band, but you do get banned ;D I wish for this thread to be locked
  4. The dog is too aggressive and attacks Sheepy; thus as revenge he bans you from forums. I wish for a cure to procrastination.
  5. I am about as centrist as you get. Every political quiz I take I am exactly split between democrat and republican. My top candidates' parties are in order: Democrat, Republican, Democrat, Republican, etc. I am so centrist that I took multiple quizzes with my polar opposite beliefs and got centrist again 0.o
  6. You ! @#$ed it up! I am JFK and you racist prick! Kastor ran away peeing. He was eaten by Mommy. Pol Pot smoked weed alone playing meatspin, flopping around his fat, interstellar flacid penis! Mother, show me your big nation. Kastor farted and everyone sucked his big, black, thin ass-hole. Lincoln Abraham Kastor'd everyone's sheep skin and Prefontaine sucked my !@#%. Meth heads niggys suck Bilal's retarded sheep. Kastor's stupid terrorist sheep ate Sheepy's !@#$! Sheepy decided spy assassins cap suck attack, which sucked sucking suckers without sheep truckers !@#?$ing! Ass-holes shot Sheepy in SPAAAACE yesterday with giant nigguh sheep! Love Adolf Zombie hairy Artyom the Cheeki bastard pecker Breeki Sheepy Mosin Moby Nagant thompson 1921 42 NEGATIVE. Thanks for the thanks. Potatoes are up my casino. !@#$ goats suck whennobodygoesontothenextdamnedlinewhenstartinganewsentenceugh yeah... Sheepy is so very weepy. He cried 'Why oblige to massive Lambdadelta and flamboyant children?!' Belibers suck dick and Chips. Also discombobulared Stujenske spoke candy and http://agor.io/ fakes retarded sheep. Bump. Mortal
  7. We hawekeye hate trolls like Ansom who wrote the post 9/11/12 like Malone. And dogs are lost animals, damn whiskey peanuts killed by cats? So we decided to kill Ansom by feeding him hawkeye. Cats. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious doesn't exist therefore fgts. But our hawkeye sucks pizza boxes. Subways are delicious on the trolly car cats that Artyom bump. However,
  8. I'm already home noob Go back to your copypasta
  9. Hello everyone! I'm usually active as heck on the BK forums but I guess it's time I started posting in the public forums as well. I don't know why anyone here would need me for anything, but I'm usually online when I'm not sleeping or at school, because I procrastinate like you've never seen before. Feel free to assault me with random troll questions EDIT: What is the swearing policy on these forums? I know there is one but I don't quite know the specifics.
  10. FIFA 16 hype (Except I don't have any consoles to play on except phone, boo) Liga BBVA: Atletico Madrid/Real Madrid 0.o International: Germany PL: Manchester City/Leicester Ligue 1: PSG Bundesliga: Borussia Dortmund (my favorite overall) Serie A: Roma MLS: Seattle Sounders
  11. Nation Name: Ospary-Rutroylia Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=21386
  12. Looks like this has been inactive for a while but I'll enter just in case https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=21386
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