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  1. To make this clear, I think that of course if a beige nation is still at war with others, those others should be able to continue to spy. However, no nations not involved in a war with a nation that is beiged should be able to do spy attacks on them.
  2. I would suggest a change to the beige mechanic. It is my belief that part of the idea of being forced onto beige after losing a war was to give the beaten nation a chance to rebuild their military somewhat. As it stands, others are still allowed to spy a nation that is on beige. I think that any nation on beige should be immune from all attacks, including espionage attacks. That is all.
  3. Welcome to our friends from IRON, hope y'all enjoy it here in Orbis and keep on having fun!
  4. Nice job everyone. Classy, short and sweet with no lingering bitterness.
  5. So it's treason then hmm? As always Farkistan will accept your complete and utter unconditional surrender at any time. Then y'all can come over and have a beer!
  6. Real glad to finally see this in print. We have grown accustomed To our Horse friends. To a long and stable relationship! Heh, stable. Please be careful and don't let Maddog ask you to go into a private room so he can check your feet and see if you need horseshoes. Just saying! To celebrate, beer for everyone! (not just my horses!)
  7. We are just sizing each other up and discovering each other's weak spots. Like pro wrestlers do right before someone throws a chair into the ring.We fully expect Andre the Giant or one of the Von Erick brothers to sneak in so we're keeping a watch behind our backs too!
  8. Hi guys, I was thinking about a project that I thought would be good to add. Give me your thoughts/input? This is only a rough idea of course, so I would expect quite a few changes. The DPB would help with rebuilding after being beaten down. Doomsday Preparation Bunker: Cost: $50,000,000, 1000 steel, 1000 aluminum, 500 gasoline. The DPB will give you the means to partially rebuild your nation following a devastating war. It may only be stocked within 12 turns of being at war (before or after declaration of either offensive or defensive war). A nation may store up to 30% of all resources available to it including cash, raw, and refined resources in it. Items stored in the DPB cannot be raided in wars/raids, but also cannot be utilized while being stored there. When the nation is no longer at war, these items may be removed from the DPB after applying for their removal and waiting 60 turns.
  9. Sorry Nazis, I really wanted to nuke one of you, and I would have too if the IG guy I was fighting conventionally hadn't deleted his nation mid-war after he lost over half of his score. I still had 42 turns left! I apologize for not being more prompt in my Nukular usage! Now nobody is left in my range. I'll try to do better next time, I promise.
  10. /o Alpha, glad we will be working together!
  11. We at Fark do appreciate this farking upgrade! We are used to word filters, our forum Farkistan.org is mainly filtered words! /shameless Farking plug...
  12. Wild Horse Desert https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=11865 Hello from Fark
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