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  1. It's a craptastic game but if you want the full mod experience 1.7.10
  2. Lol is this thread seriously still going on?
  3. Two wrongs make a right. Can't tell OP is a Brit can ye? Disavowing embarrassments when convenient are you?
  4. I was not going to reply but 1984.. For some reason I was thinking to listen to the Oceania anthem and then I come back to thread and you edited 1984 in. Hot damn hivemind. https://youtu.be/F43DqnMoWi0
  5. I'm not the one who started the fire mate. I have no reason to worry about people levels and levels above me right now other than those who are directly attacking me or anyone I'm tied to and that's why I have this beef with your friends. inb4 the classic "UR A NAZI STFU" line
  6. Now that I look at it they wouldn't be able to afford you skipping or getting booted. Big baby with a lot of dosh.
  7. Internet tough guy to the rescue to destroy le ebil [insert label here] Classic. Are you one of those dudes who sits in on female IRL Twitch streamer rooms trying to slowly work them into sending you nudes while protecting them from the occasional rude dude?
  8. Yeah sure Pantheon needs to kick you out for being such a shitter.
  9. Okay whatever not my problem. Anyway the alliance seems to be breaking up due to another game popping up, I might break that vow I made to stick to it and join one of the big alliances to plot my revenge in peace. Still, the topic stands. Fark's leaders are on my shitlist TBH SMH fam
  10. I like most of the guys in Pantheon. Stop soiling their image. Also >Hurr I want to roll this guy!!!! Reset teh server!! Wow I'm the hateful bigot bully in this situation.
  11. Actually, you forgot the most important piece of evidence...
  12. Wow! You got me dude! I've noticed. Pendulum effect I swear.
  13. Were you abused as a child? Also >national socialism is based on hate!!!!!!! >I saw American History X I should know! Stormfront and skinheads and white nationalists and democrats are all nazis and they want to kill everyone except blonde hair blue eyed ppl!! Lol
  14. Guys these ppl are nazis everyone I dislike is an evil nahzeee we need to ban the nahzees. Also (HOW DO YOU COPY QUOTES AAAAH) @QueenM I hope you don't believe that IRL. Edgy and advocating for genocide puts you on the level of the naaaahhzzeees you so despise TBH SMH
  15. Jesus I leave for a couple days and the thread's gone tits-up I don't want to bother reading all the British angry-tear-posting what happened Dude lmao let's kill the nazis!!!!! Britain #1!!
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