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  1. I'm done with the game and yes it's over butthurt. Tired of Arrgh tearing down my nation every time I build it back up. No point in going insane repeatedly rebuilding every time I get beiged. Needless to say, farewell.
  2. I defeated a member of m/ on the ground and apparently their bank doesn't exist. I didn't loot it. I double checked to see if they are all still there including the guy I warred and they are. I also cannot click onto their alliance page through member nations. I have to manually search out their alliance to get to their alliance page.
  3. He's referencing the rumors that Mensa and Rose will be at war this Christmas..
  4. ALLIANCE CATEGORIES Alliance of the Year: Mensa HQ Most Powerful Alliance: The Syndicate Best Military: Arrgh Best Rookie Alliance: Roz Wei Best Flag: The Light Federation Best War Flag: Most Active Alliance: Most Honorable Alliance: Viridian Entente Most Improved Alliance: Black Knights Best Diplomatic Team: Best Economic System: Best Recruiting Staff: Best Propaganda Staff: Best Alliance Growth: Pantheon Best Forums: The Syndicate and/or InGen Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2016: Socialist Workers Front Most Immoral Alliance: Odd Squad Most Controversial Allian
  5. I know what you're getting at. I would have continually used air strikes but unfortunately I couldn't exactly get any aircraft for more than a couple seconds, so I was resorted to the ground.
  6. Sam Boga wasn't a challenge. Bring me more fodder to smash into the dirt.
  7. If you have any advice or help you can offer now that would be great haha
  8. The "Several Alliances need to Declare on UPN for Others to Stand a Chance Against Them" war.
  9. Nation Name: Nightingale Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=23962
  10. I was having fun destroying them on my own with mah buddy. :c Guess I can share the glory.
  11. 32 days in and I decided to join the forum. My name is Elizabeth though please refer to me by leader name, I'm 11... may be the youngest player if so nobody steal my thunder. >:c I accidentally stumbled across this game not sure how exactly. I joined and have enjoyed the game enough that I play often and it's the only game I actually remember the password to without needing to look for the paper I wrote it on. How are ya'll? :3
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