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  1. Stadius

    If you could...

    On the contrary, I think the point of having Micros (or starting one), isn't to succeed. Micros ultimately only have two paths: transition into a mega-alliance, or to fail. The odds of the former happening is extremely low because it requires extreme amounts of discipline. I don't think Micros are harmful at all, even if they can't award players a competitive experience. If you want a competitive experience, you'll join a larger alliance to compete for power. Most join micros because they either see some potential in the micro, or they're there to garner experience. I agree wholistically that larger alliances fail if they don't have strong enough communities, even with collective resources. However, that's why I think micros are such a magnificent part of this game - because they serve as an alternative to being directly in line in a mega-alliance. Instead, you have the opportunity to craft your skills in gov. and diplomacy or to master the elements of the game, while still having the same protective spirit (if you're a protectorate). Micros are also a good way to pump some beef into this game, lest alliances only bicker among themselves, unregulated by smaller, yet still present threats.
  2. Nation Name: ReFlex Nation Link:https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=16932
  3. Stadius

    The Exploit IRC Casino and Game Room

    I've logged on and found this to be very creative and fun, I had a blast playing with people and I will recomend this to anyone who likes to have fun!

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