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  1. Thank you to all people who made positive comments and welcomed us in to Orbis greatly appreciated comrades! However all the people who have a problem with our alliance and made negative comments this is for you
  2. Declaration of Existence The Red Banner formally declares its existence in the world of Orbis. We didn't previously declare our existence because we didn't need to at that time. The Red Banner is a communist and socialist alliance and we wish to unite all like minded nations together under one banner, The Red Banner. We vow to protect all our comrades against any who would disturb our peace, we value friendship, sharing and strong willed people who aren't afraid to say it how it is. "As leader of The Red Banner I pledge myself to the alliance to lead to the best of my ability, to show wisdom in times of peace and strength in times of war." I wish good luck to all my comrades and all future allies Thank you.
  3. For some reason I cant see a place to add an alliance anthem to my newly created alliance any suggestions?
  4. Yea I guess tanks are situational depending on if you need them at the time. But in general use I don't see them as something you should create large quantities of them but yea if you need that extra land force to get a victory yea produce a few hundred tanks on the day.
  5. Very true however it also means that if you had more cities due to having no tanks this also means you will be able to have a higher max plane count and could give you a large advantage in terms of air if you keep up with your planes
  6. So looking at the score of troops compared to tanks, is it worth making any tanks at all? Obviously the higher your score the higher means other higher scores will be able to attack you so that's why its best to get the military for your score possible so you have an edge on them. Will I get a better score ratio and other benefits just making troops only because if you look at score per tank vs score per troop its highly different. Tank=0.05 score Solider=0.0005 score Each tank is worth 23 armed troops So say I have 2000 tanks that is 100 score and is equal to 46000 troops 46000 troops=23 score You can clearly see troops have a better ratio. However each city can only hold a max of 15k troops (7.5 score) per city and each city can hold a max of 1250 (62.5 score) tanks and each city is 50 score to make and then you have infrastructure score cost which is 0.025 per 1 infa. I think the benefits of having no tanks is obvious .Cost less to keep up with .Don't spend as much resources using in battle and don't need as much steel .Gives more score to be flexible allowing you to build more cities which gains you more wealth .Not affected by air control affect in war .Lets you have a higher max plane count due to having more cities Positives to having tanks .Allows you to build very strong land forces within just a day due to be able to make a lot of them for how much they are worth .They don't die as much therefore you wont have to keep replacing them as much as soldiers .Will have a bigger land force slightly Im struggling to find a reason to use tanks now I have done the math so I would like some more experienced members of the community to tell me is they a point to using tanks or if using them in small quantities is the best choice. If they is a flaw in my math please tell me and correct me
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