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  1. It was a sheer pleasure. I have met awesome people, and I want to thank everyone for the fun time. Special note to: @souparmon @Bozzie @kosmokenny @Caspian XII S. Wolfe @Abigor @Bill the Moose @Richard Payne III @JasperFrost @Marlboro lalo @Pruss @BlackBeard @Elijah Mikaelson @Noctis Anarch Caelum (I hope you're doing well) Cheers!
  2. We already have a category for them: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/forum/35-forum-games-spam/
  3. There is a god! Now, please, let this be the last post about Kingsglove and The Oranges.
  4. What kind of whiskey are Noctis and you on?
  5. It has a weird delay that seems to be growing constantly.
  6. That doesn't say much. He could be just online at those times or he waits for the new server day, and decides to use the same legitimate strategy (fortify and naval). He stated on Discord that he has a bad internet connection, and that he had to refresh the war page a few times. There is no need to make assumptions. But yes, it's a terrible bug...
  7. He is just a week inactive, and we couldn’t call him back yet. For Christ’s sake, why do you must get off on unnecessary drama? You looted 500,000 dollars, and you call that much. It turns out that both you and Noctis are poor.
  8. He joined Noctis’ alliance while it was still Fark affiliated, just like Citrus and me. We wanted to help Noctis out with his new alliance. Unfortunately did Noctis choose to do whatever he wanted, and we couldn’t be connected with him anymore in any sense. Maddog has gone briefly inactive, due to real-life situations, before all this petty drama. He has nothing to do with it. How difficult is it to understand?
  9. Akuryo, it doesn’t work that way. He has nothing to do with this bullshit. An attack on him is an attack on Fark. Have you spoken to Souparmon?
  10. Nuke me as well, please! But joking aside, you’re dragging Maddog in this too. You should make clear that he is briefly inactive and that he has nothing to do with your special adventures.
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