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  1. Joe Stupid

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

  2. Joe Stupid

    Bloody Horsemen

    A Tough choice, but an honorable one. Good luck
  3. Joe Stupid

    Official Nominations for the 2018 PnW Awards

    Least Honorable Players: Toss up between Warpoles and Tywin Lannister
  4. Joe Stupid

    War Propaganda (19th October 2018+ War)

    Greenpeace is actively trying to stop CoS's Whaling efforts.
  5. Joe Stupid

    Suggest a Game for a Subforum

    Can we have an Age of Empires subforum in Strategy Games? There's a bunch of us who play
  6. Joe Stupid

    Advanced Idea Mechanics Annoucement

    Clearly Pantheon is at fault .
  7. Joe Stupid

    Dear TKR- A Hogwarts message

    Whatever you say GOB
  8. Joe Stupid

    Perceived Intelligence

    Joe Stupid for Most Intelligent.
  9. Joe Stupid

    Fixing the War system.

    I think the Spy thing is a little annoying. You can only build 2 a day but one spy attack wipes out 19? We both had 50 spies and neither of us had the CIA wonder.
  10. That's where my role fits perfectly. Have the lowest possible score in Hogwarts so when no one can hit the rest of the alliance i have all the wars to myself.
  11. Won't you please think of the Children?
  12. Joe Stupid

    Edictum Arrgh

    Good to see the Pirates sail again.
  13. Joe Stupid

    The disbandment of The D'Haran Empire

    Highly doubtful.
  14. Joe Stupid

    Quick Note From Political Pirates.

    Yeah but let's be real, you had it coming.

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