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    War Stats

    Rose leading a war in net damage? The pride.
  2. My understanding was nukes auto-targeted the cities with the highest infra. I'm not sure if Placentica is making something up here, but today I just launched a nuke at a non-highest-infra city and it worked just fine.
  3. Actually when we set it up we had both a Shogun and Emperor, but apparently that confused people.
  4. Rose's first war after I set them on this FA direction and they're being ranked #2 😢 The pride is real. I take full credit even though I had nothing to do with it. The flags still look fantastic though.
  5. Fight fight fight! Awww.
  6. "You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  7. So will they now battle over which one is the real VE? It seems like the alliance will get torn in two now. Also, this is par for the course for Codonian.
  8. I haven't been to OWF for like six months. 100% happy to have returned for this.
  9. Well I was the one pushing it on the Rose side... and I was also the one who took the ten minutes to actually write it up.
  10. We really hope so 😂
  11. Rose Has Decided TL:DR a MDP Treaty between Rose & Mensa HQ “He that plants thorns must never expect to gather Roses.†- Pakistani Proverb Article the First - You Expected a Treaty, but it was me- Dio! Having reviewed the Book of Dio, in particular Chapter 7, Rose has converted and allowed the light of Dio Brando to fill our hearts. Mensa HQ has relented and agrees that a group of friends masquerading as an alliance might make surprisingly good allies. Mensa HQ and Rose agree that in the event of war, they will defend each other before countdown websites are made. Due to the speed of sand imports into Rose territory, this treaty will be non-chaining. Article the Second - Green Rose Mensa HQ and Rose promise that when one of them has information relevant to the other, especially the rare and exotic kind, that they will share any such intelligence. Article the Third - ZA WARUDO If worldly concerns interfere causing Rose and Mensa HQ to choose to part ways, each side agrees to give the other seventy two hours notice of cancellation. Both alliance agree to not engage in any hostile actions or wars against each other for two additional weeks after the treaty expires. Signed for Rose Shogun - Durmij Empress - Lilac Veritas Regent - Oblige DaimyÅ: - Lilac Veritas - Ibnar - Saxplayer - Rozz Signed for Mensa HQ Chairman - Vanek26 Vice Chairman & Minister of Interior Affairs - Avruch Minister of War - Blande Minister of Hippo - Buorhan Minister of Security - LordRahl2 Minister of the Economy - Kemal Ergenekon
  12. Rose 2.0 Est. 2016 “What’s in a name? That which we call a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet†- William Shakespeare A Preamble There’s been a lot of changes happening with Rose lately. So much so that we, the leadership, collectively felt they would be worth announcing as a set. A Government Rose has made some changes to our government structure. Our leader is no longer called the Emperor, but the Shogun. While the Shogun will remain the absolute head of the Rose Imperium, to reflect a system of more check and balances we have elevated two new individuals into the leadership rank in game- our Empress Lilac Veritas and our Regent Oblige. Moving forward Rose will be making some updates to our charter as well, which hasn’t been revised at all since our inception in 2014. Below you may find the new government of Rose 2016: Shogun - Durmij Empress - Lilac Veritas Regent - Oblige DaimyÅ: Economics - Lilac Veritas Foreign Affairs - Ibnar Internal Affairs - Saxplayer War - Rozz A Flag A flag is the most visual representation of an alliance. At Rose with the assistance of Sketchy (clearly our most artistic member) we have two to reveal today. Peace War A Color We’ll be moving to Brown. Because, sigh, economics. New Friends Please see our new treaty “Rose has Decided.†A Discord & Conclusion Communication is critical, and while you can still find us on IRC in #rose on the Coldfront Server, we now also have a Discord as well. We hope you’ll join us using this link: https://discord.gg/J9Zcprj . As a reminder our forums remain at https://www.empireoftherose.com/ “But he who dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the Rose.†- Anne Bronte
  13. Your concern is heart warming I am still around of course.
  14. You wrote "crack down" but it didn't seem super explicit and sounded like it was tied in with the trading limits / etc.
  15. Seems fair. Also, I was looking forward to the all-Elderson-all-the-time Gov, but was disappointed in the lack of purple hippos.
  16. Will you be adding additional mechanisms to detect players using multiple accounts?
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