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  1. Well fought by all sides. Wishing the best to everyone going forward and to a constructive future for all parties involved.
  2. That's right Minesome, Swamp has been hoarding all the water for far too long. Time for some reclamation.
  3. Lot of love to these great guys! #DrainTheSwamp
  4. Review by the O5 council has found that this is an excellent DOW. Pleasure to be working with you guys!
  5. Man, formal surrenders these days aren't what they used to be it seems... Oh well, time for round two. Just try not not to change up the peace treaty on your own afterwards okay?
  6. Carthago with a quality DOW #DrainTheSwamp
  7. Well, time to drain the Swamp boys.
  8. Time to get out there and show them Eastern superiority.
  9. Welcome Evie to P&W. Hope everything goes well for you. As the others recommended, try and get into an alliance. Then, join their discord for any support you need and for the community they provide.
  10. Congratulations! May your followings years be as successful as the first!
  11. I'm expecting at least one Ace Attorney "Objection!" during this trial
  12. "well, for the first part. he definitely could have sold if he wanted to. Ive talked to him and we've come to an agreement that he isnt upset and the level of control he has is good. for the second. I mean, its far easier to do internal transfers than it is to just send money over. we have all of the stuff recorded behind the scenes, where it really matters, but we prefer doing it that way there. for the third. im not sure why arctic thinks that MERC is a dead company for one. it fully launched what, a week or two ago? for GNPI, its specifically geared towards larger companies, bigger contracts. less tickets is normal oh, and for SOSE that was during when we had some issues with lysander, all is sorted now however. - reply of Neo Kas And Arctic's response. "All of NeoKas' arguments are flawed tbh A lot of the evidence I posted was literally posted today... So whatever his argument is [it] is based on outdated evidence" Replies from Taith and Arctic respectively. Posting this here to make things easier for everyone. All credit to Shashwat and OMN for the report.
  13. Definitely interesting to say the least. Can't wait to see the rest of the info as well.
  14. I agree, this would a great improvement.
  15. Says he's tired, then immediately proceeds to make a forum post lol. Rest up man.
  16. @Young Guilo You're really embarrassing yourself and Liberty now. If not for yourself, have some consideration and stop for the others.
  17. No hard feelings. Best of luck to you guys in your future endeavors.
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