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  1. Bro it was obvious u ain’t special
  2. Dullard


    Who the hell is robot santa
  3. Make cities worth more score instead, solves this whole problem, make infra worth MUCH less score
  4. Feel free to keep embargoes on Kinns and Abracombre
  5. Alex is PAINFULLY out of touch with the community
  6. Half the people in this thread need to GO TOUCH GRASS
  7. They’re a 6 man aa bro, they always join in on conflicts anyway so it doesn’t matter
  8. You need a few more months to farm for your infra ROI?
  9. Game leadership is the worst it’s been in recent, and not so recent, memory
  10. Bunch of bum ass alliances
  11. It was T$ that intervened in support of IQ and NPO to “even the playing field” in the whale tier....
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