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    Amen! Ryks sent me
  2. I've seen faster growth Sidenote: Yeah, dropping money on credits can speed growth up to absurd levels but I don't think it's a viable way to enjoy the game, play the game at your own pace and take the time to learn.
  3. If #3 was implemented then PIAT would have an actual use and Sheepy knows that it desperately needs one.
  4. @Who Me do you know your personal best?
  5. Call me weird but anybody else getting polyamory vibes from the lyrics? I'm kind of here for it ngl
  6. I do not envy high tier of all other blocs rn.
  7. Peace in our time! ayy lmao Gotta love HS making use of the embargo feature
  8. I'm also finding that I'm receiving false notifications where the unread notification number will be higher than the actual number of unread notifications.
  9. Don't make food as a new nation, it's pretty much physically impossible to get any worthwhile amount, just buy your food off the market. To answer your question, you can't make food because food production scales with land amount in the city and there is also a large war going on so the radiation from nukes is destroying all food production. Join an alliance, preferably mine.
  10. 429 how do I get a thread to not show up in my stream
  11. its* sign* @JadenStar10 You were saying? Peace in our time!
  12. Cynic's guide is still relevant I believe. Why do you want to start an alliance?
  13. This feels like a trend. First Zigbig is anti-brokering and then this
  14. Will the answer affect your decision making in any meaningful way?
  15. Tomfoolery? 😮 What's the thing in the second part of this image
  16. Add the ability for the alliance to see what their members are voting for (if at all) in regards to the colour trade bloc if Enable Alliance Information Access is enabled.
  17. It's always interesting as a relatively new player/nation to see veterans talk about that era and get stories from that time.
  18. Will this still be maintained now that there is a new official one? Seems like it's pretty future proof atm but it would suck if it broke because I prefer it to the official one.
  19. Dang, CTO really only found out as a fait accompli 😧 Geez, Winga :c be nice to the DP and the Cata and the Jaden, no need to get personal That being said, good luck guys
  20. Ayy lmao, here's to a prosperous friendship with NW
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