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  2. buy it from people who have it or steal it from them
  3. No, you whales get all the fun 😠 we aren't waiting our turn any longer #City14Supremacy
  4. 210 I hereby point out that this thread still somehow has less pages than the threads in which people talk about orbis politics
  5. 208 Can I point out that this thread still somehow has less pages than the threads in which people talk about orbis politics?
  6. I declare war on this guy for this message because yes For legal reasons that is a joke
  7. I dunno what's happening Hmm takes notes
  8. Wholesome moment Idk and BigG's old micro, now, offshore raiding, politics and war, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR
  9. Me too new to know what a Sunray is: Hi, Evernt, we miss you!
  10. D- did the disgusting micro just kill Camelot?
  11. Anybody else recently really get into watching EAS videos on youtube?
  12. Quote them, move to the next page, then go to the bottom and click the reply space, whatever you wrote from last page should appear
  13. Can I have tips You made me look something up >:c
  14. OOOOOHHH NOOOOOOOO BK uses forums although I imagine they're a bit less discussion and a lot more ayy lmao than TKR's
  15. hmm, well they are already attacking this is the most rational course of action (Jaden come back to us ayy lmao)
  16. What defines an "alliance war"? How does that feature make the game more fun?
  17. They're in shorter supply than pixels these days
  18. Who is weird kid in this metaphor? (õno) Come back to us, Jaden, Ayylah is forgiving I feel like I should say something in response to this but I'm at a loss for words. Do me! Based All right, old man, step off of the mic. With the FA authority I totally have as some random guy that plays Among Us with you sometimes, Adri, I have an FA issue. (I don't represent BK in any way. Supercheese, please don't kill me) Nevermind, stay on.
  19. Wouldn't switching to beige on command essentially defeat the purpose of fortifying?
  20. Unfortunately People who really like the stormlight archives? I'm scared but intrigued. Also, what does my nation say about me? I have just spent nearly half an hour trying to figure out how to quote messages from multiple pages. Pain.
  21. If the walls start to tell you things we need to talk.
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