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  1. Without a profit motive, how would people decide what they should work on? Why should they work on curing cancer rather than making a machine that counts blades of grass?
  2. I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up before given how many times it has been suggested. I'm with Sakura though, I'm doubtful as to whether or not it'd add much beyond confusing micro leaders but I'm not totally against the option.
  3. Their nation seems to have been deleted for inactivity
  4. I've lost count as to how many times people have attempted to form such a thing. To your credit though, I don't recall any of them writing so much for it.
  5. I like my games and socialising and my job to be separate.
  6. Y'all should just disband now (maybe join BK) Dang it, beat me to it
  7. Castle Camelot is inadvisable and The Aequitas International is one I'd also recommend against. I would second Adrienne's recommendation of looking into the Knights Radiant (Disclaimer that my alliance is their ally)
  8. LEAVE ME OUT OF THIS Then who will defend you?
  9. It's not uncommon in MMOs for players who pass away to have their accounts/characters archived. Considering the size and interconnectedness of our community I think this would make sense in Politics & War as well. Therefore, I propose that nations in Orbis who have had their account owners pass away should be put into a state similar to VM permanently so as to preserve the nation and prevent any possibility of somebody taking control of the deceased's nation.
  10. Hey you just posted And this is crazy But they're our allies So disband maybe (Also join BK, we're also knights) (This post was badly planned out, be nice pls) Aaaaaaa a zombie! (ngl this post's only point is to express my shock that Sval is still alive. How have you been, Sval?)
  11. Yeah but if you trade then @zigbigadorlou will blockade you
  12. Add the ability for the alliance to see what their members are voting for (if at all) in regards to the colour trade bloc if Enable Alliance Information Access is enabled.
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